After Wed. Practice with John Bunting

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina resumed spring football practice on Wednesday. Read and listen to what head coach John Bunting had to say to reporters immediately afterward…

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How's spring practice going so far?
"There were still some balls on the ground between the quarterback and center that slows everything down and drives everybody nuts – it always has and always will happen a lot in spring. Right now we've only got one guy who has played the center position, which is Scott Lenahan. Ben Lemming is not out there. We've got to be patient. We're trying Calvin Darity at center. They're out there working on that now and that's got to get fixed. It that gets fixed, these will be some sharp practices.

"I loved the ebb and flow of today's practice. The defense had some big plays early. The offense made some big plays.

"I like the way the quarterbacks are playing. I think that the kids are picking up the system quickly, and I'm pleased with that.

"I want to keep making our guys tougher to run that football so our action passes will be more effective also.

"We've got receivers that are playing well – Brandon Tate and Jesse Holley both made big plays today.

"We started off the morning with a great senior meeting at 7:15. I'm really excited about the leadership I saw displayed in the meeting we had – the response. I think we have a chance; I really do. I feel real good. I love the enthusiasm on our football team. I love the way our coaches are coaching – every single play, and the players are responsive.

"We've got 10 huge practices. It's all about school and football these next three weeks – nothing else. And I think they're ready to make that commitment."

On Cooter Arnold's move to defensive back
"The evolution of it is when we recruited Cooter, we thought of him as a safety first. The way we were at running back, we wanted to give him a shot there. He may move back there; I don't know. But he is a great athlete and he has great instincts, so Marvin [Sanders] and I… Marvin started the process... Cooter's over there and will be there all spring. Our offensive coaches would love to have him at running back.

But I've got to find out what Richie Rich can do. I've got to find out what R.J. Waters can do. I've got to find out what Bobby Rome can do, because he's not playing quarterback; he's playing running back. And I've got to find out if Antwain Carey can help us – he's been here three years now. After that, I'm going to find out where those guys can play. And I'm going to find out where Anthony Elzy and Johnny White can do when they get here."

What's it been like watching Kendric Williams?
"He's been a blast. We can't block him right now. He's a guy when he came to us had a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm for the team, but it's taken a couple of years for him to adjust. He's can perhaps help us on special teams. He made the first tackle on a kick return today. He's blocking all of these field goals every single day and he still has a lot of enthusiasm. But he's learning the game at this level, which is great."

What was his biggest adjustment?
"Going from high school to college – it's as simple as that – the speed of the game; the complexity of the game; the different formation and positions he has to be on defense...

(Walk on Jabir Jones passes by. Jones suffered a concussion during practice).

Bunting: Hey Jabir, are you doing alright?

Jones: Doing alright.

Bunting: Are you feeling a little bit better?

Jones: Yeah, I feel good.

Bunting: Alright. You have a restful night there.

"First kickoff…Bang."

What happened? Was that today?
"Yes. We're doing live stuff special teams. All kinds of young players are out there. No veterans are on special teams right now with exception of the field goal and the field goal block (teams). Everything else…all the core special teams are manned by the young guys."

With Matt [Baker] being gone, do you want to have a clear cut picture at quarterback coming out of spring?
"That's not important. It's important when we get about halfway through training camp."

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