After Practice Q&A with John Bunting

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Read and listen to what North Carolina head coach John Bunting had to say to reporters immediately following Monday evening's practice at Kenan Stadium…

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Opening statement
"We had a very good Monday coming off of a scrimmage on Saturday. One thing that crept back into practice was the center to quarterback exchange, which is very frustrating. It deflates everybody. But I thought the offense did a terrific job finishing with some good inside runs by Ronnie [McGill] and Barrington [Edwards]. We had some completions that I liked from both Joe [Dailey] and Cam [Sexton]. Defensively, this team is getting faster and more confident; they're playing hard. There is a lot of enthusiasm on both sides of the football.

"For the second time now, we went live punt, so we've got some work trying to replace the gunners we had last year – there were tremendous cover guys in that split receiver position. And, we're getting a lot of competition – a lot of young guys getting work. We finished off with field goal and Connor [Barth] hit some good ones.

On the offensive line
"I went into their meeting right before dinner last night, and I complimented them. I think they're really coming along. I'm very confident in what Mark Weber is doing with these guys. I think we have a chance to be good for years to come, because we've got young guys playing out there right now. I think we're going to have more depth at that position than we've had in a while. It's a very athletic group of players that has a chance to be very good."

On potential leaders in the rising senior class
"I've had a couple of meetings with them in the past couple of weeks. I've been very impressed with the group as a whole. Jesse Holley and Melik Brown are two guys that jump right out… Shelton Bynum… Larry [Edwards] has a chance to help us if he keeps working to become compliant and doing everything right in school and things like that… Ronnie McGill is a natural, and he wants to do it. Jon Hamlett is another. Kareen Taylor is another one. I expect a lot. I have really been encouraged after meeting this group a couple of mornings at seven o'clock. They're all there on time and each has something to say. I think it's a group that's developed. I mentioned that in the team meeting today that I think we're going to have a group of seniors that can be equal or even better than last year's team's.

On Bynum's progress
"I think that last year, when Kenny Browning went back to defense coaching tackles, the lights did come on. His technique is good. He's got some good initial quickness. He's got good lower body strength. And he's becoming a leverage player that can then separate and come off blocks and make plays. He's a very, very smart player, so that always helps."

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