Doherty discusses rumors and relationships

The official Tar Heels athletics site has published an excerpt of an interview with Doherty that ran in the UNC-backed publication.
There is perception and fact, and quite often they're not close to being one in the same. For example, I spoke in Kinston to an alumni group recently. I was the last speaker and it had been a long evening. I spoke for about a half hour after a football coach spoke for about a half hour. At the end of my talk, I always ask if there are any questions. I asked and then waited a few seconds. I didn't want to beg for questions. No one raised a hand, so I said thank you and I want to leave you with a quote. I read the quote and sat down. The next day, I hear, 'Matt Doherty ducked questions in Kinston.' That just totally blows my mind that people say things like that. I don't know if it's to stir the pot or if that's really the perception, but more often than not those people aren't around and have no idea.

I read something the other day about my relationship with Julius Peppers. It said that Julius Peppers wasn't afraid to get in my face. I don't ever remember yelling at Julius Peppers, and Julius never ever got up into my face. It blows my mind that those things are out there and that people don't know the truth. I don't know sometimes if they even care about the truth, because what is made up makes for good conversation. Julius is one of the most laid back kids I've ever coached, at least until someone on the other team would hit him with an elbow.

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