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Jason Horton
6-1, 170 pounds
Cedar Hill (TX)

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7/14: "I'm getting a lot of mail from [UNC]. They really can't call, but I think they are showing a lot of interest. I don't know anything yet, until I'm able to receive phone calls." ... (Peach Jam: Jason Horton Spotlight)

7/10: Two years ago here in Indianapolis, I watched Aaron Miles get people's attention by running his team beautifully and playing the role of PG to perfection. Jason Horton is similar in style of play, but he's probably a better shooter than Miles, especially at the same stage. He's a throwback point guard, very unselfish, plays tough defense and just gets it done. ... (Nike: Jason's Notes)

7/9: Horton only scored four points in the nightcap session, but still dominated the action with his pure point guard skills. He's polished in running the show and should only get better in the next two years. ... (Nike Report)

6/14-16: From IC's coverage of the Rumble in the Bronx --

"While Horton displayed great anticipation on the defensive end, making several steals during the game, Nardi clearly was a tough matchup for him and forced him into making questionable passes with the ball which resulted in turnovers. ..." (Rumble: Friday Night Report)

"Horton's a true point guard in every sense of the term. Running the offense, setting up teammates, getting clarification from the refs, calling the team together; he's the epitome of the point guard as floor general. But he is also still learning. ..." (Rumble: Saturday Report)

6/10-14: IC's David Thompson compiled a week-long feature on Horton ...

"Yes, I toured the [UNC] basketball facilities and it's the best I've ever seen! I've seen Michigan and Duke and that's the best I've ever seen. ... My trip to North Carolina, it probably increased my interest in them a lot. I didn't know it was that nice. It really had a lot of influence. Now they're way up on my list." ... (Jason Horton Interview, Part I)

"I just try to get my other teammates involved. Last year we had some great players. I didn't have to do much [scoring]. If I penetrated, I kicked and they'd hit the open jumper, so I didn' have to take that many shots. But I think that this coming year I'm going to have to take a little bit more shots." ... (Jason Horton Interview, Part II)

"[The Carolina coaches] tell me I could possibly be one of the best point guards to leave North Carolina if I go there. They just tell me that they basically play with whatever personnel they have. I mean, if they have guards that can play up tempo, they play that. If they have guys who play better in the half-court offense, they do that." ... (Jason Horton Interview, Part III)

"His floor leadership and his ability to make other kids around him better. And his ability - I mean he can pretty much do anything that you want him to do. If you want him to score, he can score. If you want him to be a playmaker, and lead the team and make guys better, he can do that also. I would say those two things are his main strengths and attributes. And he's a hell of a defender - he's a hell of a defender." ... (Interview with Horton's father)

Some photos concluded the week of coverage ... (Jason Horton Photo Gallery)

5/28: Rob Harrington, of PrepStars.com, at the Tournament of Champions -- "Coming into the weekend, reviews of Horton's game were mixed. Some said that he was living off his (Michigan-bound) brother Jason's pedigree. But the younger Horton proved time and time again at the TOC that he's truly a big-time playmaker. Jason is an excellent ballhandler who has top-shelf quickness and speed in the open floor. He dribbles the ball very low to the ground and has a quick initial burst. And he not only knocked down threes consistently, but he also pulled up on several occasions -- including crunch time -- for mid-range jumpers. Horton also has good body control on drives and keeps his head up to find the open man. He played especially well against Class of 2002 star Raymond Felton in Team Texas Elite's hard-fought overtime win over Beachball Select. link

5/24-26: From IC's coverage of the Tournament of Champions --

"Horton displayed floor general skills beyond his years, in the form of court leadership, seeing the floor and finding teammates. He's not just quick, but smooth as well, gliding around or through a double team. And, while he's a pass-first point guard, Horton swished three three-pointers early in the game, forcing defenders to come out on him, so he then penetrated and attacked the hoop or dished to the open man. He gave a list of only four schools - Texas, North Carolina, Arizona and Michigan" ... (TOC: Jason Horton Spotlight)

"I think Felton did what he wanted offensively -- got to where he wanted on the court against Horton, physically overpowering him several times," IC's Clint Jackson observed. "But, on the other hand, Horton was familiar with Felton's game from previous experience and took it right at Felton on several occasions. There were two instances of note -- Horton scooted past him on the dribble and handed out a beautiful assist and later shook him with a crossover and hit a 15-footer." ... (TOC: Felton vs. Horton)

"A pure point guard who has an EXCEPTIONAL ability to read a defense. Like Maryland's Steve Blake, he understands how to and when to back out of traps and bad situations to restart the offense. Horton is lightning-quick with or without the ball and can shed defenders off the bounce with minimal effort." ... (TOC: Clint's Props and Knocks, Part II)

Action shots of Horton in action ... (TOC: Photo Gallery - Jason Horton)

4/7: Michael Kruse, of Basketball America -- "The 6-foot-1 point man averaged only five points and six assists this year as a sophomore for 32-3 Lone Star State powerhouse Cedar Hill. Make no mistake, though: Horton one of the top players Team Texas' young 17-and-under squad. Brick Oettinger of the Prep Stars Recruiter's Handbook ranks him No. 20 overall in the Class of 2004. He's lean, he's quick, he penetrates into the lane, and he distributes the ball well once he gets there." link

4/6: He mentioned an early three top schools of Arizona, Texas and North Carolina. ... The Horton family knows the UNC staff well, particularly Doug Wojcik, who recruited Daniel. In fact, had Raymond Felton not inked with the Tar Heels, Jason said there was a good chance that Daniel would have gone to Carolina. "He wanted to go to North Carolina - grew up wanting to go there," he said. (Saturday Boo Notes)

There is also a photo of Horton in the Boo Photo Gallery

2/27: IC was on hand as Horton and his Cedar Hill squad faced off against the top-ranked high school team in the country. Horton had eight points and seven assists in the one-point loss. (Jason Horton Photo Gallery)

2/13: IC's David Thompson introduces Horton, and reports back on his game last night -- "Carolina's assistant coach was just south of Dallas to watch a practice session by sophomore starting point guard Jason Horton ..." (Heels eye Horton)

12/28: ... And [Daniel's] brother, Jason, wasn't bad either. The smaller (6'1, 160 pounds) sibling came off the bench and provided sound passing, superb ball-handling and he's got his brother's quickness. Look for him to be one of the better pure point guards in the class of 2004. (Slam Dunk: Day 2 Report)

7/10: From Dave Telep at the ABCD Camp -- "The brother of Michigan-bound PG Daniel Horton won't be paying for college either. For a kid this young, he's extremely poised and should be a great leader if he isn't heading that way already. Love his pull-up jumper on the move." link

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