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Ra'Sean Dickey
6-9, 240 pounds
Marlboro County (SC)

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9/29: "No, they haven't offered me yet," he said. "I don't know. I liked the visit, though, I had a good time." ... (Dickey comments on Chapel Hill visit)

9/25: Dickey will be making an unofficial visit to Chapel Hill this weekend, which will include the Saturday afternoon at Kenan Stadium for the Tar Heels game against Georgia Tech.

8/20: "I got my first letter from Duke two months ago and that felt good. And North Carolina is still recruiting me, too, although not as hard. Virginia is up there, too." ... (Dickey keeps on keeping on)

7/8: Dave Telep at the Nike Camp -- "The big fella is still learning but he's got some great tools. You have to respect a young big man who attacks the rim and looks to dunk the basketball if possible. It sounds simple, but many young bigs lack the confidence to try to throw one down every time. Not Ra'Sean. His play of the night was a two dribble jaunt that ended in a powerful one-handed baseline jam." (link)

7/7: From Prep Stars at the Nike Camp -- "Checking in from the heralded Class of 2004 with a strong performance was South Carolina BF Ra'Sean Dickey. At 6-9 and 245 pounds, the big youngster showed off some nimble footwork, soft touch and a nasty spin move to throw up points in bunches. He'll never be confused with Carl Lewis, but Dickey has also done a good job getting up and down the court and keeping up with the rapid pace of play." (link)

6/7: From Michael Kruse of Basketball America --

Maryland, Cincinnati, North Carolina, Connecticut, South Carolina, Clemson, Georgia, Iowa State, Tennessee, Florida, St. John's, Virginia, Texas Tech, Wake Forest, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana are some of the big-time programs already hot on his trail.

His people say there's a good chance he'll end up staying local -- UNC? USC? Clemson? -- but Dickey seems plenty open. And it's worth noting that the kid lived in Jersey City, N.J., until he was 12.

"It doesn't matter what area of the country," Dickey said Thursday. "It doesn't matter which conference. I just want to go to a team that has a history of good guards and good big men." (link)

5/30: Dickey's combination of strength, skills and agility are going to make him one of the best at his position in the country. We love the fact that he doesn't roam the perimeter and chuck up perimeter shots. He stays down low and he dominates. ... (TOC: Clint's Props and Knocks, Part II)

5/27: There was one play where Dickey cuffed the ball as he pinned it to the backboard, brought it down with one hand and went right into a behind the back dribble, brought the ball up the court and hit an open teammate with a nice bounce pass. And, a few minutes later, he posted up on the right block and beat his man with a monster drop-step and threw down a monstrous dunk - and everything connected to the basket was shaking for five minutes. ... (TOC: Ra'Sean Dickey Spotlight)

5/2: From Clint Jackson -- "On the court, he stays low on the blocks and uses his size and remarkable skills to seal and score on his defender in the paint. He knows that his strengths as a basketball player is to work the painted areas and he doesn't roam too far from the basket.His game is simple. Post up, raise arm, receive ball, drop step and score. His touch on the shots is advanced for his age and his ability to position himself where he needs to be is superb. He's also one of the best rebounders available at his position in any class. He anticipates where the rebound will be and takes up a lot of space in the paint with his large shoulders and thick torso. And we've yet to see someone push Dickey out of the paint. Perhaps Shaq could do it, but he won't have to worry about that for at least a few years, we'd hope to assume."

4/29: From Rob Matera -- "Dickey, who played for the South Carolina Ravens, is a terrific scoring big man who uses his size well to shield defenders and dominate the glass. Nice touch on short jumpers. He has great footwork in the low post and makes good use of spin moves. Scores with both hands, but he played a bit soft against taller, quicker opponents. Not a super athlete, but certainly not a stiff. Dickey figures to develop into an elite high-major prospect in the Class of 2004." (link)

4/12: From Jeff Markman, of VolBall.com -- "Dickey was one of the most impressive players I saw all weekend. The huge South Carolinian is agile, athletic and powerful. If he catches the ball within a few feet of the basket, you can almost guarantee that a vicious dunk is coming. For being so young, Dickey already has a good array of fluid post moves, using both his obvious power and surprising finesse to put the ball in the hoop. He has a good looking jump shot out to about 12 feet, but could use a little bit more polish on his jump hook--not surprising, considering he's only a sophomore. In the first game we watched on Saturday morning, Dickey went for 21 points and 7 rebounds against a talented and big Georgia Stars front line that featured Rashaun Bryant, Patrick Ewing, Jr., and Brent Petway. I love this kid's game, and he is right up there with the best in 2004. (link)

4/10: See a photo of Dickey at the Boo Williams event ... (Boo: Photo Gallery)

4/6: PrepStars' Thom Jones --

The bad news with Dickey is he appears shorter than his listed 6-10 height. But if he can dominate at 6-8, then that's not even such a big problem. Other than that fact, one has to look pretty hard to find anything wrong with his opening game performance in the Ravens' decisive win over the DC Blue Devils.

...Dickey scored inside with a soft touch on his jump hook and knocked down a soft turnaround jumper just inside the free throw line. He also rebounded and flushed offensive stickbacks. Ra'Sean also showed a much-improved offensive game, especially his drop step and footwork in general.

Dickey also showed strong, powerful hands to snatch the ball out of the air, and when he secures a rebound he owns it and no one is taking it away. One would have better luck walking a live wire with a wetsuit on than to mess with Dickey after he gets a rebound. Dickey has a strong, well-developed body and is learning to use it more and more. The offensive improvement in his game is taking him to an elite level in his class. (link)

4/6: Dickey is one of the stars of 2004, by means of brutish strength coupled with athleticism and refined post moves. He had 30 points and 18 rebounds on Friday night, and an easy 21 and seven on Saturday afternoon. ... (Saturday Boo Notes)

4/5: Dave Telep reports on Dickey from Boo Williams -- "All he did was walk onto the court and get himself 30 points and 18 rebounds. He was the best prospect we saw all day long, in any class. He's stronger than his peers, athletic and plays with intensity. He's a cross between Elton Brand and Jason Parker. His game is tough and he's easily a Top 10 player in the class, probably even better. He's an unbelievable rebounder in traffic and usually claims everything within his reach." (link)

3/25: Dickey's final sophomore season averages - 22 points, 16 rebounds.

3/5: From Clint Jackson at iHigh.com -- "Over in South Carolina, pivot man Ra'sean Dickey is grabbing more and more headlines with each impressive rebounding total. Dickey is a forceful post player that operates exclusively with his back to the basket. The 6-9 center weighs in at a very respectable 250 pounds and is very powerful down on the low block. He's averaging over 15 rebounds per game this season at Marlboro County and most of his points on the offensive end are accumulated through rebound-stick backs and low post scoring moves. In short, he's a true center." (link)

2/19: When prompted for an early list of programs that he likes, Dickey listed Maryland, Kansas, Florida and UNC -- but as he mentioned before -- he's wide open. ... (Dickey having big season)

10/5: "Dickey is a forceful post player who has a big and strong body on the blocks that is really hard to move," Clint Jackson said. "The 6'9 PF-C has a very nice drop step and a couple of reliable scoring moves on the interior, plus he's a fine rebounder. ... " (Sophomore standout Ra'Sean Dickey - w/photos)

9/15: The UNC staff is showing an early interest in Dickey, having already made the trip to SC at least once to watch him play.

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