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Nobody likes losing, but the concept of losing is extremely foreign to Tyrel Reed. After helping lead Burlington (Kan.) High to an undefeated season and Kansas Class 3A championship during his freshman year, the 6-3 guard has only tasted defeat twice since then. Just like last year, he and his teammates only lost one game this season, but that loss came in the state quarterfinals after 23 straight wins.

"You get so used to winning that when you do lose, it hurts even more," said Reed of the quarterfinal loss. "The year before we lost one game and then this year we got a little further. Next year we have to make it happen."

Reed, who now has a 71-2 record in three seasons at Burlington High, averaged 23 points, six rebounds, five steals and five assists his junior season.

As disappointed as he may be that his season didn't end in a state championship, Reed is equally excited for the summer to begin. Just like last summer, he'll be running with a pretty talented KC Pump ‘N Run team and he's looking forward to the change in talent level that club ball offers versus the high school level.

"It's so much fun, I love playing both high school and summer," Reed told Inside Carolina. "But, the game-in and game-out competition of summer is pretty fun for a kid from Burlington. Playing against the Compton Magic is a lot different than playing the Yates Center Wildcats."

Despite rolling his ankle recently, Reed is confident that he'll be at 100 percent when he plays in April events in Las Vegas and Dallas, where coaches will be able to watch. Not surprisingly, many schools like Georgia Tech, Virginia, Stanford, Miami, Iowa, UNLV and others have indicated that they plan to swing by his high school or watch him on the club circuit.

North Carolina remains in the mix as well, as the Tar Heel staff made multiple trips to Burlington this season.

"They (UNC) are right up there at the top of my list with a couple of other colleges," said Reed. "I talked to Coach Holladay and he said that they would try to see me at both Vegas and Dallas and they'd like to see me before then, too."

Other than that, Reed is still pretty tight lipped about which schools are really his favorites. He'd like to have a solid list of five by the end of the school year and hopes to be able to make an early decision. In the meantime, he'll continue to work on getting stronger and improving all areas of his game.

As for the fame that his hoops ability is starting to attract, Reed admits that it motivates him but he doesn't let it go to his head. He doesn't read message boards, he doesn't read rankings and he finds it a bit amusing that people follow what he does so closely.

"I think it's kind of better to go under the radar sometimes," said Reed. "The less people know about you, the more you can surprise someone. I've always liked people not knowing about me so when they see me I can catch them off guard.

"It's a blessing that people actually care, though. It also makes me want to work hard so that I can live up to what people say I can do."

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