NBPA: Marcus Ginyard Spotlight

RICHMOND, VA. -- North Carolina fans need to remember the name Marcus Ginyard. Why? Because he's a great kid, a great student, a great talent – and a big fan of the Tar Heels.

As schools are recruiting players earlier and earlier in their high school careers, Ginyard is certainly someone to watch. The 6-4, 180-pound point guard turned quite a few heads this week … and he just turned 15 last month.

"I've just got to take advantage of the opportunity of being young and talented and being around players like this to improve my game," said the level-headed rising sophomore from Bishop O'Connell (Va.)

"I think the key for me is to just play hard all the time. A lot of these players, they're really good and similarly talented, so I think effort sets some people above others. So, I try to just play harder than everyone else."

Already at least 6-4, and still growing, Ginyard is an intriguing point guard prospect.

"I'm hoping to be a tall point guard," he said, noting that his jump shot is his biggest area for improvement. "I want to be more of a threat on the perimeter to open up my inside game more."

When prompted for an early school list, Ginyard mentioned Maryland and Notre Dame – but eventually confessed that he's a big-time Carolina fan.

"Yeah, I am," he admitted. "Very much so. I'm very interested in North Carolina."

An interviewer asked if he was interested in Duke …

"I don't know," he said with a laugh. "When you're all about Carolina, you're not so much into Duke."

While Ginyard's skills on the court are impressive, his dedication to academics is just as – if not more – impressive. After one year of high school, he's got a 3.7 GPA and is already enrolling in advanced classes for this fall.

"It was a tough decision for me to step up and take the AP classes next year, but I think I'm ready for it," he said.

And as for as hobbies that occupy his time off the basketball court?

"I'm trying to get away from my Playstation and I'm really into reading because I want to do more writing," he said, as he's eyeing a possible major in journalism.

"If you have a chance to speak to Marcus Ginyard -- you can't help but to come away impressed," said IC's Clint Jackson. "The kid is intelligent, well-spoken and humble. And a great player, too. He's almost 6-5 and is so polished and controlled for a young kid. He is athletic, long and skilled. And those are three qualities that anyone would love to have in a point guard. Plus -- he's a kid who can play three positions on the floor -- the point, the two and the three."

Also of note to UNC fans is that Ginyard is good friends with Carolina's 2004 post target, Brian Johnson.

"I love it. I love playing with him," Ginyard said. "I see him committing early – I see him at North Carolina. He's a Carolina boy."

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