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What's the real impact of a kid deciding to go pro instead of going to college? I say let them go pro. Young tennis players do it all the time. Young golfers do it with frequency, as well as many base-ballers. So why not the hoopsters? I believe a high school senior should go on to the highest level, if that is his intention anyway, instead of using a college or university for a quick stepping stone to pro ball.

LINK: Daugherty - Education, not basketball, the real prize for students who go to college

"When basketball was over, he cared about how you were fitting in socially and academically," said Indiana Pacers president Donnie Walsh, who played for and coached under Smith at North Carolina. "And it wasn't just lip service. He sincerely cared."

LINK: Smith ahead of game's globalization

"It was tough, because I knew the kids were going through a rough time," he said. "It's tough to go through a transition period, but those things happen. I love all the coaches, and I'm a big supporter of Coach Doherty and his program. I know they're going to do great things. Carolina is Carolina."

LINK: There's No Slowing Down Hubert Davis

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