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HAMPTON, Va. – Derrick Rose and his Mean Streets Express squad were one of the first teams to take the court in Friday's opening session of the Boo Williams Invitational. With their coach no longer in the building, Mean Streets let their guard down late and fell victim to a stunning last-minute comeback by Cecil Kirk. But Rose, a 6-2 junior from Chicago (Ill.) Simeon, showed why he's one of the top point guards in the nation …

* Sometimes it's easy to spot the elite player well before the game tips off. Derrick Rose has the swagger – a quiet confidence – as well as a body that has clearly spent serious time in a weight room. This was all evident even before lay-up lines.

* Rose leaves no doubt that he's a pass-first point guard. He's got terrific court vision, finding open teammates long before they even realize they're open. His top priority is running the team and this is his best trait, as a pass-first floor leader creating opportunities for others.

* In terms of quickness, strength and athleticism, Rose is the complete package. He's got the speed to burst past defenders, the build to fend off and outmuscle the opposition and the bounce get to the rim or sky for his jump shot. His ball handling was, though sometimes a bit too flashy (five turnovers), quite effective for whatever was needed.

* His playmaking skills on the defensive end were perhaps the most impressive on this evening, as he locked down his man when he wanted to and ate up passing lanes. His two steals in the box score didn't do his defensive effort justice. The same can be said on the boards, where he was successful whenever he chose to attack the glass, though only had two rebounds in his stat line.

* You can make the case that Rose is perhaps unselfish to a fault. His final stat line Friday night is evidence of how his pass-first mentality can take away from his offensive ability. He attempted only five field goals (4-5 FG, 0-1 3pt) and finished with 14 points and five assists. While he can get to the rim at will and has a nice mid-range pull-up jumper (the form has a small hitch that doesn't effect the result), he often chose instead to try and set up a less talented teammate a few times too often.

* The game finished on a sour note for Rose and Mean Streets. First, the coach – Derrick's brother – was ejected for back-to-back technicals in the second half. Then, Mean Streets saw what seemed like a safe lead slip away. Lastly, while leading by one point and trying to run the final seconds off the clock, Rose turned the ball over and Cecil Kirk scored on the other end to take the lead. With only seven seconds remaining, Rose took the in-bounds pass and instead of looking for his own shot, found an open teammate who missed a three-pointer as time expired.

* Rose and his coach were not available for postgame interviews. We'll try to catch up with them on Saturday.

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