Spring Game: Locker Room Report

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina players Joe Dailey, Cam Sexton, Barrington Edwards, Jesse Holley, Brandon Tate and Kareen Taylor spoke to reporters following the Spring Game on Saturday at Kenan Stadium. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Joe Dailey – Audio

What did it feel like to step onto the field?
"Really no different… I think I had more excitement the first time I ever step on the field. But as far as spring practice goes I'm very excited. Today was kind of manufactured and whatnot, so it's not really the same in terms of excitement. But I felt good.

How do you feel like you did?
"I think we played well on both sides of the ball. I felt like we got a lot of things accomplished for both teams. We ran the ball very well. I thought Richie Rich did a good job for a redshirt freshman. I think we did some good things up front. I think our receivers made some plays and us quarterbacks made some throws."

On "knocking off the rust"
"I don't look at it as knocking off the rust; I look at it as getting re-acclimated to football in general."

Cam Sexton – Audio

How has spring gone?
"It's been a real good spring for me. I've come a long way. To be honest with you, I'm happy to be leaving on two feet this time. Last year, with the injury…being healthy through the spring and to pick up the offense and see progress was the most important and I saw progress this spring. I'm happy about that."

How has it been dealing with the injury this year?
"Well this year it's been good. I got cleared in January, and ever since then it's been uphill just getting my strength back, getting healthy and feeling good. It hasn't bothered me at all in spring ball. It feels good."

On picking up the offense
"I love the offense. It's a great offense. Coach [Frank] Cignetti is a great teacher of the game. We're all going to understand what we have to do and where we need to be. I like the way he trains the quarterbacks, so I'm very excited."

Barrington Edwards – Audio

How is this more competitive than a regular practice
"It's more ‘compete.' Shoot, nobody wants to wash cars. It's just feels good to come in the huddle…I'm usually the guy coming in saying, ‘Come on guys, let's get it going.' But I came in the game and had an offensive lineman slap me in the head and say, ‘Run the damn ball.' If you hit us right there it feels good. It's telling you, ‘We got you.' So it just feels good."

How much better are you at learning this year?
"As far as Coach [Andre'] Powell being my running backs coach, he's got me in a position now is all he emphasizes to me is, ‘Don't be good player, try to be one of the great ones.' And just doing that and little small things are his biggest things. Just staying real dedicated to what you need to learn as a running back. I'm feeling a lot better with it and my coaching staff is feeling a lot better with me doing that – you know, getting downhill. We're emphasizing me being a little more punishing when I run. I've put on about 15 pounds now."

Jesse Holley – Audio

On adjusting to new quarterbacks
"You just keep adjusting to the way they throw. Joe's going to float it sometimes; Cam's going to bullet it sometimes. Joe will sidearm it and Cam might flick it to you. You kind of have to get adjusted to both of them. They both have their own unique way."

Can any of the '06 signees you'll need to help you this season?
"Definitely; we want those guys to come in and get into the system as quickly as we can use them offensively. It's a new offense and we're young. It's not an excuse, we just want those guys to come in and help us as soon as possible. They have the potential. I've watched them on film and I've seen them play. They have the potential to come in and help us right away."

Brandon Tate – Audio

On becoming more a part of the offense this season
"It's been a big transition coming from last year when I didn't play receiver. But they still put me in position so I can make plays."

On the importance of getting the ball in your hands
"I think they'll probably give me more screens and go routes and stuff like that."

On last year's success
"Coming in last year I thought I was going to redshirt. I didn't have plans of playing. But when they put me on special teams and gave me a chance to play, I just made the most of it."

Kareen Taylor – Audio

On making big plays on defense
"We just have to make plays when we have to. And those ones we had in our hands last year could have resulted in turnovers, but we let those slip out of our hands. We've got to make those this year."

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