Boo: Ed Davis Notes + Photos

HAMPTON, Va. -- Class of 2008 forward Ed Davis is drawing interest from schools in the ACC and the Big East, including preliminary interest from the Tar Heels.

  • While it is still early in the recruiting process for a tenth grader, colleges up and down the east coast from the ACC and the Big East have already made contact. The Tar Heels have entered the race with some initial contact, though the degree of long term interest is yet to be determined.
  • Davis is currently in good academic standing, but has yet to take any standardized tests.
  • The early leaders appear to be Virginia and Virginia Tech, coincidentally the same two teams who have shown the most interest thus far: "They come around twice a month, and they are always calling and sending stuff."
  • Virginia Coach Dave Leitao drew specific praise from Davis for his coaching style: "He's tough on his team, but he lets the guys play."
  • The potential big-timer currently has a body more suited for a position on the wing, but his game is better suited for the post. At 6-7, 180, he almost always is matched against players with superior size and strength, but he has yet to back down from the physical play in the paint.
  • While you can see the potential for stardom in his future, he's not there yet and is completely content in what he's asked to do, showing that he's willing to be part of the team: "Mostly cleaning up and playing defense, crashing the boards and running the floor." And his stat lines prove that out, as he was a near double-double in both games we watched, with his aggressive work on the glass producing most of his points
  • Davis is long and lean. He's a battler in the post. He runs the floor in transition and is explosive off the floor on both ends of the court. He is already a very good rebounder in spite of his slight build. And he attacks the basket on offense.
  • In order for Davis to take the next step and realize his potential to become a big-timer a few things have to happen: 1) He simply needs to mature physically, gain a few pounds with maybe another inch in height; 2) Maintain his aggressive on-court demeanor; 3) Add a little more variety to his post moves with a face-up jumper; 4) He needs an opportunity to show what he can do.

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