Vaughn Sidelined

Julian Vaughn, a 6-foot-9 junior power forward at South Lakes (Va.) who went from a virtual unknown to one of the most talked about recruits in the country a year ago at this time, will likely miss all of April after breaking a bone in his left foot.

"I might be able to come back for the King James tournament the last weekend of April, but I doubt it," Vaughn said. "I got injured going up for a rebound and tried to come back too early."

Vaughn said it's extremely difficult for him to watch this month, especially after what he was able to do last April.

"This is an important summer for me," Vaughn added. "I need to play well."

Vaughn said he is able to lift weights and go on the treadmill, but the doctors have suggested limiting what he's doing - and taking some more time off from game action.

"I'm definitely going to be ready for the Tournament of Champions in May," Vaughn said. "Everything after that should be good."

Vaughn said he has yet to limit his school list as he had hoped to do by this time, partially because he is hoping to wait and see what happens with numerous other recruits in his class.

However, he did say that North Carolina's loaded 2006 signing class wouldn't hurt the Tar Heels chances. In fact, it might help.

"The main thing about that is they will make me better by going against them every day in practice," Vaughn said. "Plus, who knows how long they will stay for."

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