Spring Issue On Its Way!

The Spring Issue of the Inside Carolina Magazine is being mailed out to subscribers and newsstands this week. Preview the cover and what's in the issue ...

Inside Carolina Magazine: Spring 2006
* Cover story: Legacy of David Noel
* Profile: Wes Miller
* Photos of the Year by Jim Hawkins
* Photo of the Month poster: David Noel
* Analysis: Football Outlook
* Q&A with coach Danny Pearman
* Checking in with Max Owens
* This Month in UNC History: '78 Barnstorming Tour
* Book Excerpt: Off The Rim

And stay tuned for some exciting additions to the magazine staff this fall!

New subscribers, please note that new subscriptions purchased today will start with the Summer "Football Preview" issue that mails out in late June, though the Spring Issue will be available later this month on newsstands (Johnny Tshirt is our official carrier on Franklin Street). If you have any questions, you can email ben@insidecarolina.com.

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Note: New subscribers will also receive a free bonus -- the Inside Carolina 2005 Basketball Championship Commemorative Issue!

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