Saturday Morning Report

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Round robin play wrapped up on Saturday morning at the Olympic Training Center Complex. The semifinals are tonight.

* The David Padgett vs. Brian Butch matchup was quite a letdown, as the two were in the game at the same time for a total of about three minutes in the North's 153-141 win.

Padgett didn't match his offensive totals from the previous two games, but fought through some tough no-calls to finish with 12 points, eight boards and three blocks. He played strong and was active on the boards, showing off a few nice offensive moves – a baseline spin and a nice mid-range hook, and several impressive blocks. "His game is kind of like mine," Butch said of Padgett. "He works hard in the post and looks to score."

As for Butch's game, he had seven points and nine boards before fouling out in the early minutes of the fourth quarter thanks to back-to-back questionable calls. His highlights included some offensive put-backs and two great outlet passes that had his coach applauding loudly. "He can shoot the ball well and has a good feel for the game," Padgett said of Butch. "He didn't try to score too much, and looked to pass first today, so it was kind of hard to get a good feel for how good he is."

* In a return to the first game of the week, Johnson didn't get many touches and had another quiet game, with seven points (2-6 FG), four boards and two blocks. "They didn't get him the ball, again," analyst Dave Telep explained. "He wasn't a focal part of the team's offense."

* JamesOn Curry's stats in today's game – 10 points (5-12 FG, 0-5 3pt), six boards and two assists.

* The morning's top performers …

Ndudi Ebi – 23 points (10-30 FG), 18 rebounds and 4 blocks. Set the event record for field goal attempts. I've already said all there is to say about the top player here.

Demetris Nichols – 20 points (9-14 FG), 8 rebounds. Wing forward has already committed to Syracuse.

Sebastian Telfair – 24 points (10-23 FG), 8 assists and 8 rebounds. Lightening quick with a fantastic handle … try and stop him.

Rodrick + Lodrick Stewart – combined for 49 points (21-35 FG), 8 assists. Still need a better understanding of how to run a team, but they're clearly getting better at ball handling, passing, perimeter shooting, etc.

Ivan Harris – 31 points (13-25 FG), 10 rebounds. Looks like he's got range on his jumper after all. Great early pickup for Ohio State.

Andrew Lavender – 36 points (14-21 FG), 8 assists. The 5-7 point guard's second big performance of the week.

* Our next and final update from Colorado Springs will likely not be until Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned, and hope you've enjoyed our on-scene coverage to date.

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