Expert Analysis: Mike Paulus

In the immediate wake of quarterback Mike Paulus' commitment to UNC, Inside Carolina spoke with's renowned national recruiting expert, Jamie Newberg to discuss the developments.

Why should UNC football fans be happy today?
"He's one of the top quarterbacks in the country. Obviously this is a situation where he could have gone to a lot of great schools. It's a good opportunity with the offensive coordinator [and the fact that] there's not an established quarterback there now. He'll have a good opportunity early, and he can be near his brother. It's a great coup for North Carolina, and I think it's a good pick all the way around."

In the recent history of UNC football recruiting, where does this commitment rank?
"Well, it's huge. I guess the last big name quarterback they got was Ronald Curry. But I think the timing is great. Here's a situation where… the quarterback position is one were it's a domino effect. You know most teams take one quarterback and you see it every year – a couple start committing and the dominos start falling. Pretty soon all the elite quarterbacks have already made their decision.

"What's good for UNC is this guy can start the ball rolling as far as recruiting for them. He's going to attract a lot of other kids to look at UNC. If they have a pretty good season along with his commitment, it's going to attract a lot of kids and a lot of attention to the Tar Heels. So this is a really big pickup for Coach [John] Bunting; no doubt."

On the field, what makes Paulus special?
"First of all, he's got the polished intangibles that you can't see in a box score – leadership, smarts, etc. [He also has] the physical attributes – he's a lot bigger than his brother, Greg. At 6-5, he's 200-plus pounds. He comes from a wide-open offense, so he's gotten a lot of opportunities to sling the ball around in high school. And he's got one more year to make the improvements he'll need to make. Obviously he's going to have the normal transition these guys have to have.

"But he's talented; there's no question about it. He's got the arm, he's got the size; and he's got all the intangibles. I think his upside is there. His going to North Carolina and getting coached well… Let's see what happens."

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