Next Level: UNC Target Evals

DALLAS - Te Next Level Invitational wrapped up Sunday afternoon as Boo Williams captured their second major title of the spring. An event loaded with talent, there was no shortage of college coaches on hand Saturday and Sunday -- and UNC assistant Steve Robinson was in the house all weekend long.

Tyrel Reed - Despite a gimpy ankle, the 6-3 PG was earning admirers among the assembled coaches all weekend long. A fierce competitor who doesn't make many mistakes, he does just about anything that you would like a floor general to do. He's plenty quick off the dribble, plays tough defense, knocks down open shots and always seems to find teammates in position to score. What really helps him out is that he's got a very tight handle and is completely comfortable going right or left. He's got a well developed mid range game and the right hander may actually be more comfortable scoring going to his left. He more than earned the right to rest his sore ankle this week.

Samardo Samuels - It's pretty easy to describe the 6-8, maybe 6-9, Jamaican-bred 2008 big man as a beast. After all, he packs at least 240 pounds of muscle onto his frame and he seems to have a zest for contact. He attacks the rim with bad intentions and he gets off the floor quickly -- if not necessarily high -- for powerful dunks. He's showing the makings of a nice jump hook and has soft touch on short face up jumpers. One area that is a possible concern is that it seems that he turns almost exclusively to his left shoulder when he has his back to the basket. Still, it's hard to be too picky about Samuels' game because he's relatively new to the game and is working hard.

Blake Griffin - The Oklahoman is among the hottest big man prospects in the country for very good reason because he puts in work. Although his Athlete's First team ran out of steam during the quarterfinals against Boo, the 6-8 BF put together another memorable weekend. His chiseled frame is impossible to miss but it's the sizeable chip on his shoulder that he plays with in the low post that really separates him from others. He's always going hard, but it's important to point out that he isn't just a brute who dishes out punishment in the paint. He's very comfortable facing up a defender and drilling a 15 footer or using a shot fake before taking a hard dribble or two to the rack for a strong finish. He's very effective passing out of double teams and while he doesn't block a lot of shots, he does play strong positional defense and he takes care of the defensive glass.

Anthony Randolph - He didn't put on quite the show that he did last weekend in Houston, but the slender 6-10 big man from Dallas by way of California and Arkansas still drips with potential. Flat out, guys his size shouldn't be able to put the ball on the deck like he does and he runs the floor and shoots from the perimeter like a much smaller player. Some coaches watching commented that they'd like to see him get on the glass a little more but he has the ability to rebound in or out of his area and it's just a matter of adding a bit more bulk.

Ed Davis - It's hard to imagine that there could be more than 15 players in the class of 2008 who are better prospects at this point. With the pedigree of an NBA father, length, athleticism and quickness from end to end, Davis is a pretty complete package. He's still very slender at 6-8, but he's got a young face, long arms, huge feet and will more than likely grow a little more before ultimately filling out. One thing to watch out for with Davis is how quickly he gets off the floor with his second jump and that enables him to convert a lot of tips and come up with blocks that most other bigs can't, or won't. Even without much muscle, he fears nobody inside the lane and you have to admire his ability to score over either shoulder with his back to the hoop and the fact that he wears out elbow area jumpers. Chalk it up as another super outing for a terrific looking prospect.

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