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Nick Cangelosi is one of the top quarterback prospects in the state of New Jersey. Cangelosi, Cherry Hill (NJ) Camden Catholic, threw for close to 2,200 yards and 25 touchdowns as a junior last season...

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Nick Cangelosi is one of the top quarterback prospects in the state of New Jersey. Cangelosi, Cherry Hill (NJ) Camden Catholic, threw for close to 2,200 yards and 25 touchdowns as a junior last season. He was a first team All-Conference pick following the season. IC's Mark Ellington managed to tackle Cangelosi long enough to get his comments on the recruiting process to date.

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Offers: Minnesota, North Carolina, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, and Virginia Tech.
Favorites: North Carolina leads Rutgers, Connecticut, Virginia Tech, and Virginia.

Inside Carolina: Nice talking with you Nick. Have you gone to any camps this summer?
Nick Cangelosi: I went to the PSU camp.

IC: How did that go?
Cangelosi: It was nice. I liked the coaches and the school. I had some problems with my back so I didn't get to participate as much as I intended to.

IC: Have you visited Chapel Hill?
Cangelosi: I was there a couple of months ago.

IC: What did you think of the facilities there?
Cangelosi: Awesome. The facilities were top-of-the-line.

IC: How about the stadium and the campus?
Cangelosi: The stadium was cool and I really liked the campus as well.

IC: Have you met any of the coaches?
I met Coach Bunting, Coach Tranquill (he seemed really cool), and Coach Fleming (primary recruiter).

IC: Do you know what you would like to major in?
Cangelosi: Probably something related to business. I saw the business school while I was there and I understand that it is one of the top-ranked business schools in the country.

IC: Will distance play a factor in where you decide to go?
Cangelosi: Yes, somewhat. I really do not want to go out west. I'd like for my family and friends to have an opportunity to see me play.

IC: Is UNC too far away?
Cangelosi: No, not at all.

IC: What are the major factors for you in choosing a school?
Cangelosi: The academics are the most important thing. After that, the atmosphere is important and I want to be around nice people.

IC: Do your parents have a preference?
Cangelosi: They really like UNC and Boston College. My dad likes Rutgers too since it is close by and he had a chance to speak with the coach at Rutgers.

IC: Do you play other sports?
Cangelosi: Yes, I grew up playing basketball. Some Division-II schools are recruiting me. I only started playing football when I was a sophomore in HS.

IC: You have developed quickly then. I hear you have a quick release like Dan Marino. Have you been told that before?
Cangelosi: The coach at Rutgers mentioned something like that to me but I don't think about that too much.

IC: Have you seen UNC play?
Cangelosi: Only on TV.

IC: Do you think that you will come to see UNC play this fall?
Cangelosi: If I commit to them then I probably will.

IC: When do you plan to commit?
Cangelosi: Around mid-August.

IC: What do you want to accomplish before you decide on a school?
Cangelosi: I might go visit VaT and Virginia before I decide as well as maybe taking a trip up to Connecticut to see UCONN.

IC: Did you have a favorite school growing up?
Cangelosi: No, not really. Everybody watches Notre Dame play around here but that is about it.

IC: What did Coach Bunting say to you when you talked?
Cangelosi: He told me about the Durant situation and talked about Stephenson as well as the other two QBs on the roster.

IC: Thanks for talking with us Nick. We'd like to call back in a month to check in if it is all right with you?
Cangelosi: That would be fine.

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