Williams Just Wants to Play

North Carolina 2006 signee Deunta Williams will get his first look with the wide receivers, but he could instead be turned loose on the defensive side of the ball one day. Some way, somehow, Williams wants to find his way onto the field early and often, and he's working towards his goal every day.

"That's what they've told me and we'll see how that works out, but you never know," Williams said about beginning on offense. "I'd like to get some serious time somewhere. If it doesn't work out, I might ask to move somewhere else or they may want to move me somewhere else."

The Scout.com four-star product is ranked the No. 12 safety in the nation, but in his first game ever as a linebacker, he was named N.C. Defensive MVP of the Shrine Bowl last December.

As a senior, Williams caught 29 passes for 299 yards on offense, averaged eight tackles per game and intercepted seven passes on defense. As a junior, he passed for 200 yards, rushed for 250 yards, and caught 16 passes for 400 yards. The all-region selection recorded 16 all-purpose touchdowns and intercepted seven passes on defense.

An outstanding student nearing his graduation from Jacksonville (N.C.) White Oak, he also finds time to work out as many as four days a week. He's not just going through the motions either. Williams said on Saturday he has added about 25 pounds to his 6-foot-3 frame.

"I'm up to 205 now," he said, while stressing the weight hasn't slowed him down.

"I ran a 4.47, a 4.46- and a 4.49-40 last week."

For the most part, Williams patterns his workout routine with those of his future UNC teammates. He works out Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, which includes running and lifting.

"I've talked to the coaches to see what they're really doing, and I try to do the same thing," Williams said. "I've gotten pretty close with some of the players up there already, and they've told me and some of the incoming freshmen what to expect. I try to take what they say and multiply it by two to get ready for it."

That includes boot camp with Coach Jeff Connors this summer, an impending period of indenture Williams admits motivates him to work hard now.

"I'm a pretty tough guy, and I've got the right mindset. Most of football is conditioning. Sometimes your body breaks down, but it's just how fast you can recover. I'm just going to go out there and do what I can. And even the stuff I don't think I can do, I'm going to try the best that I can."

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