Draughn Brings Options to Carolina

Shaun Draughn is another in a handful of North Carolina 2006 signees with tons of potential on both sides of the ball. The Tarboro (N.C.) senior packs a mean wallop whether lined up on offense or defense.

Draughn represents a class in which UNC coaches exercised a clear philosophy to recruit versatile athletes from in-state, with final positioning to be announced at a later date.

He was practically unheard of prior to his senior season until a family-generated DVD found its way to the fourth floor of the Kenan Football Center. Within days, Draughn had committed to Carolina. And within weeks, fans were drooling over his highlight reel on Inside Carolina.

"He brought it up to camp with him and the Carolina coaches started watching it," Vikings' coach Jeff Craddock said. "They were like, ‘We better make a move on this kid now.'"

Draughn went on to prove his film exploits were genuine, rushing for 1,452 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns last season at tailback. As a junior, he rushed for 952 yards and 18 touchdowns, and threw for five scores.

"What Carolina is getting first and foremost is a great young man," Craddock said. "His character is top of the line. He does what he's supposed to do not only on the football field, but at home and in the classroom.

"Athletically, they're getting one of the most versatile football players I've ever coached."

This spring he's adhering to the workout routine prescribed by UNC strength and conditioning coach Jeff Connors, in preparation for summer enrollment at Carolina.

"I'm lifting hard and I'm running," Draughn said. "I know I've gotten stronger. They sent us the workout, and that's what they expect us to do. They sent us a whole book of stuff.

"I talk to Coach [Kenny] Brownng now and then. I know we can't talk as much because he's staying in contact with the other recruits.

"I'm just ready to get away from Tarboro."

Draughn assures UNC fans that his academics are on par to graduate this spring; and that he's now passed admissions at Carolina.

"I'm already qualified," Draughn said.

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