Interview with Jawad Williams

HACKENSACK, N.J. -- North Carolina's Jawad Williams is a counselor at the ABCD Camp this week, spending about five hours each day with NBA coaches working on his game along with the other college players also in attendance. Williams has been working hard to prepare for his sophomore season, including adding 12 pounds to his frame. We spoke with him yesterday about a variety of topics …

Inside Carolina: What have you been doing here at the camp?

Jawad Williams: For the past week I've been working here at the ABCD Camp, working out with these NBA scouts, doing different drills. Coach Karl and a lot of other NBA scouts and coaches.

IC: What are you working on here at the camp?

Williams: A lot of fundamental drills, things that are going to improve my play and make me a better team player.

IC: With the summer school session over, what are you doing to prepare for next season?

Williams: I've been in the weight room four days a week and I don't play too much pickup ball besides when I'm in school or I workout by myself.

IC: You've played in the Chavis League …

Williams: I played one game out there. I may play a couple more games, I don't know yet.

John Kuester, 76ers assistant and former Tar Heel, works with Williams on his shooting stroke.

IC: Is that just for fun?

Williams: No, that's to get better. Everything I do is to get better. I don't have time for fun right now. We were 8-and-20 and I don't want to experience that again.

IC: How have the incoming freshmen looked on the court thus far?

Williams: They're aggressive, they're not shy, and I think they're going to come in and be a big part of our team getting back to the top.

IC: Let's go over a brief scouting report on all six newcomers. First, Raymond Felton …

Williams: Explosive, great passer and he does everything with his mouth closed.

IC: Rashad McCants …

Williams: He's real cool, he's the one that's running his mouth, but it's only going to make everyone else better. He's real strong and can do a lot of different things on the court. He's also explosive.

IC: Sean May …

Williams: He's a big man and has great footwork for a guy his size. He can go inside or step out and hit a three. He's going to be a big plus – a versatile player that can do a lot.

IC: Byron Sanders …

Williams: About 6-9, strong player, athletic, blocks a lot of shots, rebounds the ball very well. He's going to dictate a lot of things in the paint. Guys coming in are going to get their shots blocked.

IC: Damion Grant …

Williams: He surprised me. He showed me more than I expected. His athletic ability [surprised me]. He runs the floor very well, gets off his feet good, another guy with a lot of size at about 7-1.

IC: David Noel …

Williams: David's explosive. He reminds me of Rashad – he just doesn't post up as much as Rashad. Explosive, strong, aggressive, which he got from playing football. He's going to be a plus.

IC: How have the pickup games been this summer?

Williams: It's been a lot of fun. We really go at each other.

IC: How's the team chemistry looking?

Williams: Great – we get along well. We get along on the court as well as off the court. We don't have any selfish players. If a guy is hot, get him the ball. We don't care who's scoring the points as long as we win.

IC: You mentioned at the end of last season a need for change …

Williams: I'm going to keep everything inside the Carolina family. Everything that we needed to be changed has been changed. It was a change for the better. We've all taken steps.

IC: Are you excited for the season to begin?

Williams: Of course. When I got here [to ABCD], I caught a lot of hell from some of the other counselors. But it's cool. Everybody goes through ruts. Better to start at the bottom and rise to the top, then to start at the top and then fall. Right now, I feel sorry for a lot of those teams who did what they did to us last year.

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