Nike: Jason's Tuesday Notes

<i>IC</i>'s Jason Schultz reports on the play of JamesOn Curry, Daniel Gibson, Jason Horton, and others.

  • JamesOn Curry looked great in the morning 3-on-3 games. Curry is probably the best shooter in the camp, and drilled about four of them in his team's final game, including the game-winner at the buzzer. He loves to use an assortment of step-back moves off the dribble to create space for his shot, and if it's an open look, it usually falls.

  • Daniel Gibson is a fun player to watch, especially in 3-on-3 games, where he looks for his own shot. During the 5-on-5 games, Gibson has made a conscious effort to play the role of a point guard, and has done a solid job of just that, while picking his spots to score. Gibson measured in at 6'1" this week (compared to say, Curry at 6'2"), so he might project as a PG at the next level. After this week, Gibson may have shown he'll have little trouble making that transition.

  • Two years ago here in Indianapolis, I watched Aaron Miles get people's attention by running his team beautifully and playing the role of PG to perfection. Jason Horton is similar in style of play, but he's probably a better shooter than Miles, especially at the same stage. He's a throwback point guard, very unselfish, plays tough defense and just gets it done.

  • Vakeaton Wafer is another player who's a joy to watch on the offensive end. He's great off the bounce, going all the way to the basket and he's deadly on pull-up jumpers.

  • Richard Hendrix is a name to remember in the coming years. The 6'7", rock-solid, sophomore to be is arguably the best player in the class of 2005. Hendrix, from Athens, Ala., is a strong finisher around the basket and has a great body for a kid his age.

  • I love watching Tack Minor. I hate watching Tack Minor. Makes sense, right? First of all, Minor is an unbelievable talent. He's fast, super quick, and very strong. When he takes it to the hoop, he'll take it at any big man in his way. Then, he doesn't just take the contact and get his shot off, he delivers a blow and gets his shot off. That being said, to say his decision making is questionable is an understatement. Whatever college gets him will be getting one of the most talented kids in the 2003 class, but whether or not Minor will make that program a winner is another question entirely.

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