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CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--Julian Vaughn and his DC Assault team are participating in the 2006 Tournament of Champions and he took time out of his schedule to talk to Inside Carolina about the current status of his recruitment.

That was a tough way to end that game. (DC Assault lost on a last-second three-pointer).

*It was my fault. I played terrible. I couldn't do anything today. The other big man can't do it by himself. If I had played better, we might have won.

Tell me about your recruitment, where things stand.

Everything is cool right now. I'm looking at Duke, Florida State, UNC, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgetown. I'm not really looking to commit anytime soon. I'm just taking it slow and making sure it is the right decision. I'm just trying to keep gauging the coaches I like and trying to figure out where I can be happy four years and both my parents are cool academically and stuff.

I've seen you here at UNC games on unofficial visits at games. Do you visit lots of other schools too?

I'm trying to calm down. I haven't taken very many this summer.

Have you been to any other schools?

I went to Duke on Thursday. That was nice. I met Coach K and stuff.

How did that go?

It was nice. I met Coach K and Coach Wojo. Ah, man, we just talked about upping the recruitment and stuff. They will keep following me.

Do you have any offers?


How is the [ankle]?

I don't feel it anymore. It's like 100 percent. I have to get my timing back and my wind. Other than that, I'm fine.

What have you focused on this off-season to improve upon?

Coming to play every game, passiveness, rebounding, a playing defense. Everything needs improvement: shooting, dribbling.

Do you have a decision for narrowing your list to five?

I'll try to do it in July, but I'm not going to rush anything if I'm not ready.

Are you going to Oak Hill next year, and what are your thoughts on that?

*I'm trying to. If everything works out it would be nice to play with [some of those guys] again during high school season. It's not 100 percent yet. If everything works out, I'll probably go down there.

Is it safe to assume that the final five schools will get your five official visits?

I don't know if I'm going to take an official. I'm trying just to decide before school starts next year. I'm probably not going to take an official [to all five schools] . I've been to all the schools I like more than once. I kind of know where everything is on the campus and if I like it or not. I don't think I'm going to take those now.

So you are narrowing your list to five in July and you want to make a choice before school starts. Do you know when you want to do that?

Not yet. I'm trying to, but if I'm not ready I'm not going to rush it.

What criteria will you use to narrow your list to five since you won't be taking any official visits?

Comfort with the coaching staff, like a second home where I can stay and be OK. Who I am playing with. Having a chance to win--go all the way. I don't care about going to be 'the man.' I don't care about being the man if I can go somewhere and win. Stuff like that.

Tell me more about your relationship with the Carolina coaches and your recruitment as it pertains to UNC.

I'm close with Coach Robinson. We text weekly. He keeps tabs on me and stuff. I'm probably going to talk to him at the tournament and see how everything went. There is no offer or anything. They are keeping tabs on me.

How do you feel about the players who will already be at UNC and how you could fit in there.

Some people say I shouldn't go because they have everybody at my position already, but playing people like that every day I'll get better instead of just going in and starting. I probably won't start at first, but if I play against Alex [Stepheson], Brandan [Wright], and Deon [Thompson] everyday I'll get better, and maybe I'll start some day.

If you got an offer from UNC would that be followed by a short process for a decision?

No, because I still have to consider all schools that have offered me before. It wouldn't be fair to them. I have to make sure I'm making the right decision.

Have you tried to commit to a school yet?

No, I haven't tried to commit yet. In July will be good.

Tell me about what goes on when you make unofficial visits to UNC at games.

I just meet with Coach Williams in his office. We just talk and stuff. Then he goes and prepares for the game, and I hang out with the players in the locker room and we just talk. They get ready and get changed so I have to leave an go outside and sit. The crowd gets going and gets really loud, so it's really fun to watch the games.

Did Coach Williams talk to you about things you can work on?

Work on my rebounding, passiveness, try to play harder.

* Some quotes may not be exact due to less-than-ideal audio circumstances.

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