Catching up with Shammond Williams

RALEIGH, NC -- Recently, <i>Inside Carolina</i> had the chance to catch up with the former UNC basketball player following action in the Chavis Basketball League, while he's in the area for the off-season.

What brings you back to this area? Is it specifically for this summer league?

"My home is here. I have a house in Chapel Hill. It's near campus."

Is that your main residence?

"It's one of my houses."

Is that where you live in the off-season?

"It's one of my homes. In the off-season, I come back to Chapel Hill."

Are you using the Chavis League to keep your skills sharp over the summer?

"Yeah, I use it to stay in shape. I come here to play and keep my rhythm. I play in Charlotte too. I'm just trying to keep my game together."

Is the competion level enough to keep your skills sharp? You normally are playing against NBA players.

"It is. Even though I'm not playing against NBA players. What I am playing against is a lot of help defense. It makes me make plays when you have people helping on the penetration. It makes me do things other than just score. I have to set people up and get others involved."

Who have you played against in Chapel Hill?

"We played against the current players. A lot of people have come back in the summer time to play. We've been having some good runs. We have a lot of guys from over seas that come and play. There are a lot of former D-1 college players who come to play. We have some good run, and it helps keep you in shape, and it helps the younger guys in Chapel Hill."

What have you seen from the guys in Chapel Hill, both returning players and the freshmen?

"The freshmen are good basketball players. They know how to play, they play together, and they are hungry. That means a lot. All of them are more than capable of doing a good job. Right now, they are playing some good basketball. Hopefully, they'll continue doing those things, and it will help us throughout the season."

Of all the players, who stood out the most?

"I'm not going to say one player is better than another, because it's only pick-up basketball. Throughout the season they'll show that they are more than capable."

Some of the guys coming in – specifically, David Noel, Damion Grant, and Byron Sanders – aren't as heralded as the other three who were McDonald's All-Americans. You were in a similar situation back in 1995. You were unheralded, didn't get many scholarship offers, and then when to prep school. Do you think sometimes people follow the rankings too much?

"Yeah, they do. People do go by rankings too much, but what some miss out on is another team's catch. They may be overlooked, but they are hungry, and they want to show everyone what they are capable of doing. Good things will happen to those guys. They are unheralded, but they will work hard."

Carolina fans in this area don't see you play as much as teams in the East. How is your career going, for those who haven't seen you, and what can we expect from you this coming season?

"Hopefully, I will be in a position this coming season where I can contribute more than I have in the past. I can't lie. I hope I'm able to come back this way – back home. We'll see what happens. Right now, it's not up to me. I'm under contract, and I have to honor my contract."

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