TOC: Brandon Jennings Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--Dominguez. H.S. 2008 prospect Brandon Jennings, the #1 point guard in his class by, gave a performance at the 2006 Memorial Day Tournament of Champions worthy of his ranking. Kevin Love was named MVP, but a case could be made that Jennings was just as deserving running the team, distributing the ball, and scoring when the opportunity presented itself.

"Brandon Jennings is taking it to another level. There are a lot of point guards capable of winning with the roster he's got. The beauty of what he does is how he's in total command of the weapons at his disposal. He's a maestro who is throwing 40 foot alley oops in traffic. He's hit his stride and is becoming one of the elite players in America."

Dave Telep
Nat'l Basketball Recruiting Director

Inside Carolina caught up with Jennings to get a recruiting update.

Tell me where your recruitment stands currently.

I'm open right now to whomever.

Which schools have showed interest in you?

U. Conn, Arizona, UCLA.

Are there any schools that you are interested in that have not contacted you?

I'm interested in North Carolina. I wish they were recruiting me. Duke too, you know. It wouldn't be bad if they were recruiting me.

After your performance at the TOC something tells me you will continue to get more notice. Do you think this can do that for you?


Describe your game to those who haven't seen you play.

I just try to get everybody involved before I try to get my shot. I try to get Kevin [Love] going and Taylor [King] and all the other guys. Kevin, he is just everything so we have got to get him the ball.

While you were definitely playing unselfishly, you are also able to score in the flow of the offense.

I try to score now and then, but not that much.

What other plans do you have for the summer?

I want to be the #1 play in the class of '08 and to win the Big Time.

What other events will you attend?

ABCD Camp and the all-star game at Ruckers this year.

How would you characterize the level of competition at this event compared to other players you have faces?

The east coast teams out here are way hungrier than teams from the west coast, so it was good to play against east coast teams.

You've been to UNC's and Duke's campuses. Do you have any initial impressions?

Not really. I just like the way they play.

You said that you'd like to have UNC and Duke interested in you. Would you contact them and let them know?

Nah, I won't.

You would wait to hear from them first?


Since you would like for UNC and Duke to be interested, what is it you like?

They are on a national level. They win a lot. They like to get shooters involved and I like to get shooters involved, especially at Duke. The point guard could have probably 10 assists each game with J.J. Redick.

Your SCA team really seems to want to push the ball at every opportunity, even after a made basket, and that is something that Roy Williams likes to do at UNC since he came back.

Watching Raymond Felton play his years pushing the ball up the floor made me interested.

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