ABCD: Kendrick Perkins Spotlight

HACKENSACK, N.J. – There is little doubt that Kendrick Perkins is the top center at the ABCD Camp. In recent years, top centers have bypassed college. Will Perkins do the same?

"He overpowers everybody. When he comes to play, he's the best big man here," said IC's Jeff Goodman. "I'm watching him against Martin Iti and he's dominating. He's overpowering Iti, backing it in and going right through him. He's a guy who can turn it on and turn it off. And that's the biggest knock on him, that he doesn't come to play every game."

If Perkins did play hard every game, no one at the ABCD Camp could stop him, let alone contain him.

Perhaps the lack of competition is the reason for the uninspired play.

"I don't face too many 5's," he said. "The players here are not used to banging."

But in college – and the NBA – the opponents will be.

Despite the heavy odds that Perkins will never play a minute of college hoops, some schools are still recruiting him – just in case. He mentioned North Carolina, Texas, Miami and Memphis off the top of his head.

"Doherty came down a few months ago," Perkins said of the Carolina head coach. "He said he would want me to come for at least two years because it wouldn't be fair to him if I only came for one [year]."

Matt Doherty is not the first UNC head coach to make such a statement to a player looking to use college as a brief stopover before the NBA.

Perkins talks of the NBA as if he'll be an immediate impact player, though very few of the straight-out-of-high-school entrants have been capable of such.

"It's there if I want it. The league needs centers – that's what I am," he said. "If I go, I want to go and play more than just three minutes [my first year]".

The scouts in attendance have their doubts, though. Perkins hasn't shown the type of diverse skills necessary to see significant NBA minutes from Day One.

"He hasn't shown anything outside of five feet. That's his game," said Goodman. "He's got to expand that because he's not going to be able to do this at the next level. Not going to be able to overpower guys like he does here. Backing them down and turning around and hitting virtual layups."

So, will you enter the NBA Draft next spring, Kendrick?

"If I think I'm ready, I'll go."

Well, are you ready now?

"I think I am."

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