Nike: Top 15 2003 Power Forwards

<i>Inside Carolina</i>'s Indianapolis correspondent wraps up the coverage by analyzing the top rising senior power forwards at the Nike Camp.

1. Ndudi Ebi, 6-7, Houston (Texas) Westbury Christian

Ebi played a lot of different players who tested his skills. What he does well is block shots from the weak side, create his own shot easily, use his great wingspan to get off shots inside and runs the floor like a gazelle. What he needs work on includes getting stronger, improving his jumper and not settling for the easy shot. In time, he'll be a SF, but he's not there yet.

2. Kris Humphries, 6-8, Chaska (Minn.) Hopkins

The time in the gym and weight room is definitely working out for Humphries. Because he's committed to Duke, he was a firestorm of debate on whether he was good enough for the Blue Devils. He definitely is. He'll be great at doing the little things, probably annoy the other teams' fans and his motor never stops. When his ballhandling and outside shooting get better, he can make the transition to small forward fulltime.

3. Keith Wooden, 6-8, Lawrence (Kan.) Freestate

Wooden has a lot of potential as he can go inside and outside. Probably a small forward down the road, Wooden showed glimpses at how difficult a matchup he can be. If he cuts down on his turnovers and plays hard consistently, he can be a top 30 player.

4. Corey Gibbs, 6-6, Lithonia (Ga.) Redan

Here's a surprise, another undersized power forward, but that's the trend these days. Gibbs just makes plays, especially from the 8-15 foot area. He's not a good enough ballhandler or deep outside shooter so he's going to have to work very hard to be a small forward. But at PF, he's a tough matchup and his body is much more cut than a year ago.

5. Chris Richard, 6-7, Lakeland (Fla.) Kathleen Senior

For several stretches, Richard showed why people have him ranked high. He can be a monster underneath the basket and is a good rebounder. He's also smart enough to not venture outside as his jumper looked real ugly. Solid pickup for Florida.

6. Patrick Ewing Jr., 6-8, Kennesaw (Ga.) Marietta

Possibly the tease of the camp. He can look so athletic and pure with his shot but then turn the ball over and look clumsy. But the son of the NBA great has all the tools to one day be considered one of the top players in this class.

7. Paul Millsap, 6-6, Grambling (La.)

Millsap is similar to Richard in style but doesn't have the Floridian's cut body yet. He's a banger who was productive all week. Not a dynamic athlete but good enough. A definite SEC candidate.

8. Akini Adkins, 6-8, Tallahassee (Fla.) Leon

When the day comes where Adkins puts it together, it will be quite the sight. He has all the physical tools but is missing a few things that are holding him back. He needs to hit his jumper better from 15 feet out and let the guards do the dribbling. He also can be a good shot-blocker but does need strength.

9. Harrison Schaen, 6-8, Huntington Beach (Calif.) Mater Dei

Schaen is another who teases as he can do a lot of things but needs a little more urgency in his game. He also needs to stop drifting outside as much and create more matchup problems with less athletic players.

10. Bennett Davis, 6-8, Miami (Fla.) Milford Academy, Conn.

Davis was a surprise and is a true back to the basket post player. He could be the type that if he holds off in the fall, he could be a hot commodity in the spring as pickings are slimmer.

11. Chris Low, 6-8, Tyler (Texas) Bishop T. Gorman

Low can shoot from the perimeter or slash to the hoop. Handles contact well and won't back down. Definitely a player to watch as he can create some tough matchups.

12. Kyle Visser, 6-10, Ada (Mich.) Forest Hills Central

Because Visser still needs strength and a consistent jump shot, he's not there yet. But he has a lot of great tools and should be a prime Big Ten target. He also runs the floor easily and his best basketball is ahead of him.

13. Nick Fazekas, 6-10, Arvada (Colo.) Ralston Valley

Like Visser, Fazekas needs strength, as he's only 188 pounds. He's a good face the basket shooter and serviceable on defense. Whatever college lands him will need to be patient.

14. Maurice Shaw, 6-9, Glendale (Ariz.) TBA

The former Fresno product is much improved since his younger prep days. He's tough on the low blocks and gets a lot of work done. He'll be solid for whatever college lands him.

15. Ije Nwankwo, 6-6, Detroit (Mich.) Country Day

He doesn't pass the look test but his basketball savvy, long arms and robust frame keep him in the thick of the action. He's not a great athlete, but he gets a lot done and is a good fit for Purdue.

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