Cloy Impressed By Visit

As planned, Mason Cloy and his father took their tour of the North Carolina schools on Tuesday. After visiting Wake Forest, the Cloys headed down I-40 for an unofficial trip to the Chapel Hill campus.

"I was very impressed with the visit," said Cloy.

A 6-foot-4 260-pounder from Columbia (S.C.) Spring Valley, Cloy began his examination of UNC with its ROTC program.

"We didn't spend a whole lot of time with the ROTC, because we knew what we were looking for and we knew the questions to ask," said Cloy. "They definitely answered all of our questions. I think it was one of the impressive ROTCs I've seen, yet. They definitely take care of their cadets."

The visit then continued with a meal.

"We had lunch with a long snapper who's going to be conditioned [at UNC] this summer for the National Guard as an aviation pilot," said Cloy. "I got to ask him a lot of questions about ROTC – how it works out at football.

"It really helped me out, because this was a first; everywhere we've been, I haven't had that opportunity to ask somebody whose been through it. It was a great time to learn about the program, how flexible they are, and what kind of free time you're allowed."

Cloy then headed to the football center, where he sat down with head coach John Bunting, offensive line coach Mark Weber, offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti, and his primary recruiter, Danny Pearman.

"I spent a long time in there – a half hour, maybe even more," said Cloy. "We talked about football, and were shooting the breeze. They told me that they all came off vacation to come in and see me.

"They just explained to me my situation. They said that they don't have a tight end ready to take [Jon Hamlett's] spot yet as a big, blocking, bruising tight end, who can both catch passes and block. They have a lot of guys that are fast and can catch passes.

"They said initially, they are looking at [me as a] tight end, but they look at my frame and they're like, it looks like I can develop and put on a lot more weight, and get a lot strong and move to offensive line. North Carolina is one of three schools looking at me for tight end."

After concluding his visit, Cloy resumed his tour of North Carolina schools by continuing down Interstate-40 and visiting N.C. State.

The Cloys have also unofficially visited Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Louisville, and Clemson. Wednesday they will take a trip to Georgia Tech and then head to Virginia Saturday.

With two trips still left on his plate, Cloy refuses to begin to name favorites, but he left Chapel Hill with a good impression of UNC.

"It's definitely a great program," said Cloy. "I love the campus – it's a great place full of great people. The football program is definitely growing and they have a lot of great guys coming in. They're heading in the right direction with their new offensive staff."

Sometime towards the end of June, Cloy will narrow his list of schools down to a final five. He will then make a verbal commitment in the middle of the season after taking official visits.

Cloy doesn't feel taking all five of his allotted official visits will be necessary.

"With the criteria that I have, it's going to be hard to find five schools that have everything that I'm looking for and finding five schools that I really fit in at," said Cloy. "I think that the list will narrow itself down to two or three."

The two factors being weighed the most are coaching staff – more specifically, position coach - and academics, including the graduation rate of football players.

As a junior at Spring Valley, Cloy played the first half of the season at center and the second half at tight end. He ended the year with 68 pancake blocks and also caught eight passes for 127 yards.

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