Ellington Shines at IS8

"Bring your game, not your name." That's the slogan at the IS8 league held in Jamaica, New York. So, last weekend, Wayne Ellington brought his game and helped the Playaz advance in the tournament by going for 38 points.

"I think I played well," Ellington said. "The first game we didn't have our regular team there and I just had to step it, get some buckets and get us a win. The second game I just went out there and did my thing."

For those that aren't familiar with the IS8 league, the best of the best show up to play in the tournament every year. The Playaz, who Ellington has played with throughout his AAU career, also have Top 25 stars Gerald Henderson and Earl Clark playing with them.

The Long Island Panthers also have a stacked team of Lance Thomas, Derrick Caracter and Curtis Kelly. There's even a team with half of the eight UConn signees -- Hasheem Thabeet, Jerome Dyson, Stanley Robinson and Doug Wiggins all suit up for The Connecticut Club.

While games are being played, Pete Edwards, the founder of IS8, is on the microphone calling the game and calling players out.

"It's crazy in there," Ellington explained. "If you don't bring your game they're going to get on you, not only the fans but the guy on the mic, too. They don't mess around in there. The whole slogan is – ‘bring your game, not your name.' If you just bring your name and not your game you will get embarrassed."

Does that make the future North Carolina wing play any harder?

"That'll make anybody played harder," Ellington said. "If you get embarrassed and they talk about you and dog you, you have to bring it. You can't just be out there cruising."

While playing in IS8 has been fun and helped him improve, Ellington's main focus is getting to Chapel Hill healthy and in good shape.

"I can't wait to get down there," he said. "I'm ready. I've been ready to get down there since I committed last spring. It's finally here. I leave to go down June 17."

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