Peach Jam: Daniel Gibson Spotlight

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- Daniel Gibson, UNC's 2004 point guard target from Houston, Texas, began pool play at the Nike Peach Jam on Sunday morning. Unofficially, he finished with 12 points (5-12), four rebounds, and five assists, in an overtime victory. He took a few moments to talk to <I>Inside Carolina</I> about his recruitment and where things stand with the Tar Heels.

Where does your recruitment stand right now, and what sort of timeline do you have in mind for making a decision?

"Right now, my tops are North Carolina, Kentucky, Arizona, and Texas. I plan on making my decision at the end of my junior year, going into my senior year."

What are you looking for in a school?

"I'm looking at style of play, whether or not I get along with the coaching staff, and whether or not I can make an immediate impact."

You mention making an immediate impact. Raymond Felton is at North Carolina right now. There's always the possibility of him going to the NBA early, but he could also be there while you're there. You could have to sit behind him for a year. Is that going to be a factor?

"Yeah, but sitting behind him after he's been there two years can't do anything but help me, so that wouldn't hinder my decision."

What position do you expect to play in college? You've been playing more point lately, when last year you played more shooting guard.

"Because of my height, I have to work on ball-handling more than shooting because a lot of players are bigger these days."

How tall are you?

"They measure me at 6-2."

It seems like you have more of a scorer's mentality than some of the other point guards that Carolina is considering. It's not to say that you can't find your teammates, but would you say that you are more of a scoring point guard?

"On this team, coach tells me to shoot it. He wants me to shoot it whenever I'm open. I can play the role of a passer or I can be a scorer. I try to be versatile."

So the way you played today was more of a coaching decision than your decision?

"Yeah, it was more of a coaching decision."

What do you like about North Carolina?

"I like the coaching staff. I always see them at my games, so that makes me feel like they want me, and I want to feel wanted.

"And I like the way they play. The year before last, they had a great year."

Does this past year have any influence? It seemed that the talent level was down, and maybe the previous year was more indicative. This year, the team is smaller and will be more versatile. Is that what you are looking at?

"Yeah, that's what I'm looking at. I'm going to watch this year and see what happens with the new recruits, but I already know North Carolina will be back."

Did you have a favorite school when you were younger?

"North Carolina."

What did you like about them?

"I love Michael Jordan. That's my idol. That's the icon of basketball."

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