Peach Jam: Jason Horton Spotlight

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- Jason Horton overcame some uncharacteristic jitters to pilot his Team Texas Elite to a 69-60 victory over the Arizona Stars in pool play at the Peach Jam on Sunday morning.

Officially, Horton finished with nine points, two rebounds, eight assists, three turnovers, and one steal.

In what turned out to be a very disjointed game, with numerous stoppages in play, Team Texas Elite outlasted the Arizona Stars. Jason Horton directed action from the point, but seemed a little out of synch at times early, and had some uncharacteristic turnovers – five by our count.

"It's my first time in the Peach Jam," said Horton. "Last year, I went to Vegas. I was pumped up to play, and I made some mistakes that I normally wouldn't make."

While he seemed a little careless at times, he finished with eight assists, but at least four additional potential assists ended in fouls with trips to the charity strip and four more ended in fumbled passes by his teammates. He could have easily doubled his official total.

After some first-half jitters, he settled down and controlled action by finding teammates in scoring position. While he seemed more assertive offensively back in May at the Bob Gibbons TOC, he was more intent to distribute the ball today.

"In a game like that, I just try to get everybody involved – to get everybody happy and going on the same page," explained Horton. "But I know in the big games, I'm going to have to score a lot, so I can step up. It just depends on what the team needs."

Horton's early struggles could have caused many players to force the issue, but, in the end, his patience in a very painful game to watch helped to lead his team to victory.

Following the victory, Jason Horton took some time to talk to Inside Carolina, and this is what he had to say:

First, can you talk about your play at the recent Nike Camp?

"I played pretty well. I had some other point guards on my team, so I had to share the ball a lot, instead of scoring as much, but I think I did pretty well."

Back in May, you said that you could see your self playing at North Carolina, whether Raymond Felton decided to stay or move on to the NBA. What sort of level of interest is UNC showing in you now? Have they stepped up the level of interest at all?

"I'm getting a lot of mail from them. They really can't call, but I think they are showing a lot of interest. I don't know anything yet, until I'm able to receive phone calls."

Are your feelings still the same about either coming in to play immediately or sitting behind Felton a year?

"Yeah, they are still the same. That doesn't matter."

JamesOn Curry recently gave a verbal commitment to North Carolina. You would be playing with him in the same backcourt. How would you envision that scenario?

"That would be a good backcourt. He's a good player. He can score the ball, and I would love playing with him. He's a good point guard – he has good ability. I think we would go good together. I could see us fitting together and playing really well."

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