Peach Jam: Monday Afternoon Report

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- The Carolina staff is on hand to check out some targets at the Peach Jam this week. Check out who they've been watching and read analysis and stats of the targets ...

* So who has the Carolina coaching staff been watching the past two days here at the Peach Jam? On Sunday morning, assistant Fred Quartlebaum scouted Andrew Lavender the first game and Courtney Sims in the second, while Matt Doherty was watching Jason Horton. The two then sat together for Daniel Gibson's noon game. In the evening, Doherty and Quartlebaum sat courtside for a game featuring Lavender and Sims, and then Quartlebaum watched Gibson and later observed D.J. White's game. On Monday morning, Quartlebaum was seen checking out Horton and then taking a look at Brooklyn wing Gary Forbes, a rising senior whose stock has skyrocketed over the past week.

* All eyes continue to be on Courtney Sims, as elite coaches ponder whether to offer him a scholarship. After averaging 19.0 points, 6.5 boards and 3.5 blocks in his two games on Monday, Sims and BABC battled Houston Hoops in the 9 a.m. Monday game. A potential battle with Ndudi Ebi never materialized – because Ebi sat out the entire game with a knee injury. Against undersized competition, Sims recorded 17 points (7-10 FG, 3-4 FT) and 11 boards by our count. His points all came from close range, with drop steps that produced layups and dunks, to go with a few putbacks, including two nice tip-ins. He's got a nice touch and shooting comes naturally for him. His moves to the basket reflect the fact that he's only been playing the game for about two years, as they are somewhat slow and mechanical, which led to a few strips. On defense, he's a good shotblocker, but not an imposing presence in the lane. In other words, he's not yet the type of player that will force an opponent to avoid the paint or change their game plan. And, he needs to become a stronger presence on the low blocks, which will be facilitated by the weight he's working to add to his frame. The bottom line, though, is that he's 6-10, about 220 pounds and in only two years has developed a pretty good game. That will land him a scholarship to a big-time program.

* Daniel Gibson is running the point for Houston Hoops, and his offense is taking a back seat. Could he be a great college point guard? Maybe, though he's not there yet. He averaged 11.0 points and 3.5 assists in two games on Sunday, though this morning his team was without Ndudi Ebi in the middle and without a healthy Tack Minor in the backcourt. Gibson had nine points, three assists and six turnovers in the 23-point loss to BABC. With his speed, strength and shooting skills, he's proved he can be an elite shooting guard – perhaps the best in his class – but he'll need to be more under control and much more consistent in order to establish himself as a point guard.

* If you need a pure point guard, Jason Horton fits the bill. He had nine points (3-6 FG) and eight assists on Sunday night, and that's a typical Horton game – unless you need him to put up a lot of points, in which case he'll total 20 points and five assists, as he did in Monday morning's overtime win. He's got speed, great court vision and is developing into an impressive scorer.

* D.J. White is very good, there's no doubt about that, but he hasn't put up big numbers here yet, and to everyone's surprise his Alabama Lasers have already lost twice. He's about 6-9, is very athletic and has shown some nice spin moves and hit some jumpers, though he's averaging under 10 points and grabbing a few boards. We're eagerly awaiting a big game …

* Ekene Ibekwe had two quiet games yesterday, and when we weren't watching Monday morning, he put up 23 points (8-20 FG, 7-10 FT) and eight boards. It's an easy guess that the fact that he didn't attempt any threes is directly connected to the high point and rebound totals. He's best from mid-range and in, though often this summer he has tried to be a swingman.

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