Wright's Ready for Chapel Hill

Brandan Wright has been tabbed as one of the best in the 2006 class for a long time. Now the 6-9 power forward will get a chance to play against one of the best post players in college basketball in every day, as he arrives at UNC this weekend. It's a challenge that Wright looks forward to and hopes to benefit from.

"Obviously you want to play against some of the best players in the country," Wright explained. "It'll be nice to be able to go up against [Tyler Hansborough] in practice every day. That'll be fun."

Scout.com's final rankings have Wright listed as the third best player overall in his class. So many expect he'll get to UNC and start right away. But he knows he won't be handed anything, which is why he's been working so hard in the off season.

"I've been lifting weights four days a week and just getting stronger," said Wright, adding that is now up to 210 pounds, thanks to the weights and a protein-filled diet. "Obviously you've got to work on everything. I really didn't pin point anything. But I've been working out four days a week doing shooting and a lot of dribbling with my right hand. Just working on things that I know I'll need next year."

Wright's high school coach, George Pitts, said regardless of how good his former player is, there is still plenty of room for him to get better

"He has a lot of room for improvement. Competition, which they will be plenty of competition for playing time at Carolina, it's got to make him better because he's such a competitor. And he wants to be as good as he can be and going up everyday against good competition can do nothing but make him better."

While there are a few weak spots in his game, there are some things that Wright does that can't be taught.

"Not knowing the other five guys and not having seen them play as much, but there's no way I can picture any of them being any more unselfish than Brandan is," the Brentwood (Tenn.) Academy coach said. "He is so unselfish and that's why the other guys around him always play so well, because he wants to win."

Wright, who won four state titles, said that North Carolina will compete for the national championship this year and he plans on playing a big role for the Tar Heels throughout the season.

"Expectations are real high -- if I didn't think I could make an impact I shouldn't be going to a school like this."

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