Q&A with UNC's New Commitment

William Brimfield committed to North Carolina after a strong showing at UNC's one-day camp this weekend. On Sunday evening, the 6-foot-5 290-pound defensive tackle from Neeses (S.C.) Hunter-Kinard-Tyler talked with Inside Carolina about becoming a Tar Heel.

Inside Carolina: I heard you made a big decision this past weekend.

William Brimfield: Yes sir. I committed to North Carolina. I committed during the visit because I liked the program, I liked the campus, and the academics of the school.

IC: When did North Carolina offer?

Brimfield: I was offered at the end of the camp, that's when I committed.

IC: What was the reasoning behind committing at that point and not waiting?

Brimfield: I committed at that point because I felt like North Carolina was the school where I wanted to be. I felt like Coach [Ken] Browning was the coach that can bring a lot out of me.

IC: Did they talk about committing or did you just do it?

Brimfield: Me and my coach, we thought about it, had a long talk and I just felt like it was the place where I wanted to be. After talking about it, I went back and committed to them.

IC: Who did you commit to?

Brimfield: I committed to the head coach [John Bunting].

IC: What did he say?

Brimfield: He was excited. He talked about the school and the campus. He thought I would fit well into the team.

IC: Who's recruiting you for UNC?

Brimfield: Coach [Danny] Pearman.

IC: Did you have any other offers on the table besides North Carolina?

Brimfield: No other offers other than North Carolina, but I think there are plenty more to come.

IC: What schools were also recruiting you?

Brimfield: North Carolina State, USC, Virginia Tech, Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech and there were a lot of small schools like Furman and Newberry.

IC: Have you been to any other camps besides North Carolina's?

Brimfield: No sir, that was my first camp. We just got a new coach so we had to get things settled. In order to get things settled we had to work out hard for three months.

IC: Do you have any future camps planned?

Brimfield: I planned on going to a camp at Clemson and back North Carolina, but think I'm just going to stick to North Carolina after the commitment. I am going to Coastal Carolina for a seven-on-seven camp. I'll go back to North Carolina I think in July.

IC: Do you plan on visiting any other campuses?

Brimfield: No, I'll just go back to North Carolina for a camp and a visit.

IC: Tell me about the actual camp, how did that go?

Brimfield: It went well. We had a lot of one-on-one drills. We had a few kids come out and I just showed my talent. I showed my talent and they saw it in me and felt like they could use me.

IC: How did you feel like you did?

Brimfield: I felt like I did great, but I felt like I can do better than I did if I keep working and working.

IC: Tell me about working out with Coach [Kenny] Browing.

Brimfield: He gave me some great points and showed me some great points that I can use at defensive tackle and take it home with me.

IC: Besides that actual camp, was there anything else you got to do while you were in Chapel Hill?

Brimfield: We got to tour the campus, and watch a lot of film on the players that went into the NFL. I loved it. The campus is beautiful and the people there are nice – I mean, they're good people.

IC: Tell me about your junior season, how did that go.

Brimfield: My junior season went pretty well. I was second on the team with tackles with 111 tackles. I had like 14 or 15 sacks and three fumble recoveries.

IC: What sort of awards did you win?

Brimfield: I made all-region offensive and defensive lineman; I made all-state; and I got MVP for my team.

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