Up Close: William Brimfield, Part II

NEESES, S.C. – William Brimfield was 13 years old when his grandmother passed away. He was left without a parental role model and was sent to live with his uncle. A stocky kid, teased by his classmates, Brimfield took it upon himself to change his life for the better.

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"As a kid in elementary school, I never thought I would be in this position," Brimfield said. "I was short and heavy, and I just thought to myself, ‘I can't make it like this.'

"I decided I was going to have to work for what I wanted. That's when I started playing football."

Now at age 17, Brimfield is ready to embark on his senior season and prepare to play college football at North Carolina. And who does he credit for the success he's achieved so far? Why the person most deserving of course.

"I learned it for myself," Brimfield said. "It's that extra person I have inside that pushes me. When I want to quit, my mind just keeps telling me ‘Go. You can do it.'

"His persistence is overwhelming," adds Hunter-Kinard-Tyler defensive coordinator Kelvin Coleman. "He's always coming to me and saying, ‘Coach, help me with this.' There's nothing more you can ask of a player when he's volunteering to try and raise his game above everyone else's.

"I'm excited to see what he's going to do. He's going to be a disruptive force on our defensive line. He's going to get that penetration and get his hands up in passing lanes."

Now that Brimfield has made a name for himself outside of his hometown, he'll likely gain more recruiting interest from other top programs across the southeast. But he says it doesn't matter who else comes calling, UNC is the place he wants to be. Believe it or not, Brimfield found John Bunting's track record for strict team discipline appealing.

"Since the eighth grade, I've wanted to play football in the North Carolina area," Brimfield said. "USC kind of threw me off with the discipline of their team. There are a lot of their players always getting into trouble, and that kind of pushed me away from USC."

Meanwhile, the Tar Heels' coaches aren't pushing Brimfield to add weight or to look past this coming season, but rather just to enjoy this time and continue to work hard in the classroom.

"The only thing they said to me was just work hard and stay focused on my grades," Brimfield said.

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