Roy Williams Summer PC Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- The start of basketball practice is still four months out, but Tar Heel hoops was on everyone's mind Wednesday afternoon as Roy Williams met with the media for his summer press conference at the Smith Center. Listen to the full audio and read excerpts of what he said ...

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Can you update the summer schedule and whether the freshmen are here? -

"All the freshmen got in this weekend. They got in when I was in Omaha, so Monday I said hello to them. They went to orientation Monday and Tuesday – I think classes start tomorrow. I think they played Sunday night, Monday night and Tuesday. I haven't seen them play since I can't watch them [because of NCAA rules]."

On this offseason -

"It's not quite as hectic as it was last year because this spring we were doing future recruiting as opposed to finding a way to stick a finger in the dike. This spring the recruiting part of it was much easier."

On the improved post depth this season -

"It'll help each individual because it means you're playing against better competition every day. You're not dependent on one guy having a good game. If Tyler struggled last year, our team struggled … Having some depth can allow him to be even fresher and I'm hopeful he can put up the same kind of numbers with a couple minutes less playing time. I don't think his playing time will go down very much because he's so competitive that he likes to be out there and he's conditioned so he can do it. The depth will make him better and he'll make the freshmen a heck of a lot better as well."

With the full roster, how do you envision making everyone fit? Do you envision redshirting anyone?

"I don't envision that now, but if you look at it ... mixing in those freshmen will be done a lot out of necessity because we only have seven other [scholarship] guys. I think that they are gifted, there's no question about that, but the best thing to me is they are so high quality character-wise that I think they'll be willing to do anything to help our team win. Right now there are no specific plans to redshirt anyone or start anyone."

What are the returning players doing this summer?

"Everybody on our team is in first session summer school and everybody on our team is in second session summer school. The freshmen just came in. A couple [returning] guys were probably going to go just one session until they found out all the freshmen would be here second session so everyone just decided to stay. Deon Thompson is the only one not here and that's because he hasn't graduated yet. I think his graduation is tomorrow night."

Key to getting this year's class together:

"With Ty and Wayne committing so early in the spring, we could bring kids in for official visits in the spring. We knew both of them wanted to go ahead and get it over with early. Those two were crucial to us to say the least. They helped us with the other kids. We lost some, too: Spencer Hawes, Thaddeus Young… But we originally wanted five guys, and if we could get a sixth guy – a big guy – that would give us three big guys in the class."

Is this your best class?

"We'll have to wait and see, but it's definitely one of the best."

The Bahamas played an integral role in your developing chemistry last year; anything in the plans like that for this year?

"No. I wish we could do that every year. I thought it was nice because we got four practices. It wasn't as good as it could have been because of Marcus and Danny getting hurt. But I thought that was extremely valuable to us. We don't have anything like that this year, because it's not legal. But the fall conditioning program will be the toughest it's ever been."

On the post players in the freshman class:

"Brandon is so skilled, athletic, long and smooth. Alex is such a physical specimen and a relentless worker defensively and on the backboards he's gotten better and better. He's an extremely bright individual that understands his good qualities and his bad qualities. Then Deon is a little bit of a diamond in the rough. As a freshman he was 6-4, 305 and an offensive tackle on the football team. Now he's 6-9, 257. I'm anxious to see him and what he looks like. I haven't seen him since January."

Have you talked to Tyler recently?

"Tyler worked awfully hard and was really good. The biggest thing with him is just to continue in every phase of the game to become a better player. He's worked hard during the spring and into the summer. He looks bigger and stronger than he did last year. Taking care of his body is a huge part of it. I think he was just very well-rounded and can be even more well-rounded."

How's David Noel doing and what kind of team does he need to catch on with?

"It's still so early. He left me a message last night and I left him a message. It's hard to keep up with him. He's in Milwaukee one day, Chicago the next… I spoke to his agent last week and he felt like the clubs were really impressed with David's athleticism and his ability to play basketball. I'm not saying he was the best shooter or jumper, but his overall athleticism and his great character…"

On Terry's role this season:

"He and Wes are the two seniors, they'll be the leaders. But Reyshawn (tried to be a leader) late last year. He was somebody who would tell the guys to get together. Some players fit naturally (in that role), and we'll have to wait see if it can come natural to Reyshawn. If he's doing one thing that's sensational, he's doing such a good job in the weight room. When you're teammates are calling you a beast and they mean it in a positive way, then that's one way to be leading your club. He has been emotionally up and down in his career, and to me that's the most difficult type of person to become a leader because they don't have that consistency to draw on themselves. But nobody's going to have respect for a guy who's great one day and loafs the next day. But I think that Reyshawn has come so far…"

On Lawson's quickness:

"He is really quick. There's no question he's an attacking point guard. We've got to get him to do it every possession. It will be interesting to see how he's going to be when I'm making him do it every possession. Bobby got better at that and did a good job of understanding we have to push it even more. The only one I feel sorry for right now is Quentin, who banged his thumb up and it's in a cast now. We'll take a look at it again next week. He's missing an opportunity to play against a freshman."

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