CWS: Friday PC Quotes

OMAHA, Neb. -- North Carolina and Oregon State players and coaches met with the media on Friday at Rosenblatt Stadium in advance of tomorrow's beginning of the College World Series Championship Series. Read what they had to say...

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    UNC coach Mike Fox

    Opening statement
    "This is a very exciting time for our program and for Oregon State. This is where you want to be at this time of the year. Just to even say the words that you're playing for a national championship is exciting in itself. I want to congratulate OSU for being here. It's kind of indescribable on want it means to be here. We work all year, like all college baseball teams do, to be here. It's a very exciting time for our players and our program."

    On being 3-0 and getting ready for OSU
    "Before we got out here, we really focused on enjoying the experience. Just have fun and enjoy being out here. We were very fortunate to win against Cal State Fullerton, both games. I think you have to be lucky as well as good. We've been fortunate to be both. There is such a fine line between good and great out here. A catch here or there, a hit down a line or a dropped ball. We've played loose and just enjoyed it and gotten breaks when we've needed it."

    On OSU in general
    "I've enjoyed watching Oregon State play. I think they are a very tough team and have a chance to do something very special: lose the first game and then win the whole thing. They play with a lot of toughness, grit and emotion and are a talented team. They play off each other. They are very well coached and that's what has gotten them to this point. To win four in a row out here is pretty special."

    Starting rotation for 3-day series
    "We'll throw Andrew Miller tomorrow night and Robert Woodard on Sunday and then figure things out after that."

    On support from administration and coaches
    "I think it's terrific that Coach Williams would take time out of his schedule to come out here. I understand our football coach is coming out as well. Everybody likes a winner but for the two of them to come out and be supportive is great. They're both Carolina grads. What's neat at Carolina is that we pull for each other; I've been to football and basketball games so it's good that they're coming out for a few games."

    On being on the opposite coast from the Pac 10
    "I think it's more difficult in more sports because they are television. There's such parity in college baseball now because there are so many teams that are that good. Some of the national seeds aren't here which says something about the parity of the sport. There is always the battle of who's better, ACC, PAC-10, they're all good and all very competitive."

    On being the first team at UNC to possibly win the baseball title
    "I think it's neat that the two programs are here and it speaks to where college baseball is going. It's exciting and there are a lot of great programs out there. The ball has to bounce the right way a few times. There are a lot of program that can get here, even if they aren't the top ranked team in the country."

    Left fielder Jay Cox

    On UNC baseball getting recognition in a basketball town
    "It's great to give UNC baseball a little face time. I think it's going to be great in the next few years, especially for the guys coming in. They have a lot to work for and have the support from our fans."

    Pitcher Andrew Miller

    On UNC baseball getting recognition in a basketball town
    "It means a lot. Basketball is still tops in Chapel Hill but it's nice to get some recognition. I don't think it matters; we like having fans at our games but we like laying low and don't want the spotlight all the time."

    Shortstop Josh Horton

    On advantage or disadvantage of rest
    "I don't know how much of an advantage it is. Being away from the field for a few days, it might be an advantage to be on the field and have played consecutive days. We practiced at Creighton. At this point in the season, you've played 60-some games and everyone is running on empty. You have to dig deep."

    OSU coach Pat Casey

    Opening statement
    "We are also excited to be here. We talked about it in the regional and super regional how we were leaving good teams behind. We had eight great teams here. We're fortunate to come out of the loser's bracket. We're excited to play North Carolina. To think there are only two clubs left and we're one of them certainly makes it special. We're anxious to get it going and have fun with it."

    On losing the first game and coming back to win the next four
    "One thing we talked about after the Miami game is who were are. Every team has a game that they look back at and think they should have won. We did that at a time we didn't want to – the first game. The credit goes to the players. Success comes when you're confident in who you are and what you do. The kids played with a lot of heart and confidence."

    On the series pitching rotation
    "I'll let Coach Fox answer that because he has his set up. We don't. We'll do what we've been doing the last three days and throw whoever is ready to go."

    On North Carolina
    "We don't have the luxury of seeing each other play because we're on other sides of the country. We knew they had good pitching, but it looks even better in person. It's a tribute to the two programs to get to the top. We did do similar things to get here. When you think about North Carolina, you think about basketball. Now they think about baseball too. They have some special arms. That's for sure."

    On playing North Carolina in the championship series
    "When you see teams play in person, it's a different perspective. What's fitting for us is both programs have done it right. They are kids that play hard and play the game right."

    On playing in the Northwest
    "It's getting better, but generally we are on the road for our first 14 to 17 games. The new season with the change of schedule is going to help us. However, I think it creates toughness in our club. You have to overcome adversity. Everybody deals with what they have to deal with."

    Catcher Mitch Canham

    On the difference between OSU and UNC in the number of days off
    "At this point it doesn't matter. We're running of fumes. The adrenaline of playing in front of all these people will keep us going."

    Pitcher Kevin Gunderson

    On what he thought about when he woke up this morning
    "We get a day off. We were pretty tired. Now is not the time of the year to complain about injuries and stuff like that."

    On the fan support back in Oregon
    "I hope they are excited. I think the whole Northwest has embraced us. I heard that more fans are coming out, and we already have a good contingent of fans here. What makes it even more special is we have a lot of kids from the Northwest on this team."

    Left fielder Cole Gillespie

    On North Carolina's pitching staff
    "Obviously we got to see them on TV during the super regional. They have some special arms. To see it live is something else. They have some big league arms."

    Shortstop Darwin Barney

    On playing in the championship series after losing the first game
    "After our second practice five days ago at Creighton, I put my practice pants away and wondered if I'd every use them again. When I was getting ready to come here today, I put them in my bag. It was a surreal feeling."

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