UNC-OSU-1: Carolina's Postgame Quotes + Audio

OMAHA, Neb. --- North Carolina coach Mike Fox, along with players Andrew Miller, Andrew Carignan and Chad Flack addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 4-3 win over Oregon State on Saturday from Rosenblatt Stadium.

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UNC coach Mike Fox

Opening statement
"This was a big win for us, a huge win. I don't want to take anything away from Oregon State. They are a great ball club, but we didn't play our best baseball tonight. Our relief pitching was outstanding and our bullpen really backed up our pitching. Chad [Flack] had some big hits for us and that doesn't surprise me at all. We were fortunate to win. Oregon State is a tough bunch and they really put the pressure on us. A few swings of the bat and our pitching is what kept us in the game."

On Andrew Miller not returning after rain delay
"I have a lot of confidence in our bullpen. Andrew was out there for 70 minutes and I didn't feel too good about putting him back out there. He has a great future ahead of him and I didn't want to jeopardize that in any way."

On the rain delay
"You never know how a rain delay is going to change the game. It gave us a chance to regroup and worked out to be an advantage for us. Strong base hits and producing runs were the key tonight. We've got a resilient bunch and the delay turned out to be an advantage for us."

On the possibility of Miller in the bullpen if needed on Monday
"We would have to talk about it if we got to that point. I think the staff would strongly consider it but it would all depend. He would definitely want to since he's such a great competitor. This championship is about the kids but have to be careful with all of our players. Andrew is a talented player. More than likely, yes."

Pitcher Andrew Miller

On Flack's speed
"He's deceptively fast. We were all waiting for him to run out of gas when he came around second base. That was a huge hit for us and a huge play at home."

On not returning to the game after the rain delay
"It was disappointing to not go back out. The coaches were thinking about my best interest; I appreciate that the coaches are taking care of me. I was more disappointed that I didn't pitch that well."

On returning in the series
"Tomorrow night is definitely out. Monday is a possibility but we'll have to see what happens tomorrow and deal with that if the opportunity arises."

First baseman Chad Flack

On the triple and scoring on the passed ball
"I hit it and then I saw the right fielder moving more towards left field. I got past second and didn't want to slide past third. The adrenalin was just running. When the pitch went past the catcher, I got a real bad start off third base. I knew that I had to slide and that's what did it. I got my hand on the outside corner of the plate."

On whether the two home runs getting them to Omaha or tonight was bigger
"Tonight, definitely tonight. This puts us in a good position, to come out and win a national championship."

On their defense
"We've struggled but we've worked hard on it over the season. We have the talent and are finally putting things together."

Pitcher Andrew Carignan

On coming into the game
"Coming in in the top of the ninth as a closer is what we all live for. As a relief pitcher, it's an ideal situation for me."

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