UNC-OSU-3: North Carolina Postgame Quotes

OMAHA, Neb. --- North Carolina coach Mike Fox and players Tim Federowicz, Daniel Bard, Bryan Steed spoke to reporters following the Tar Heels' 3-2 loss to Oregon State on Monday. Read what they had to say...

UNC coach Mike Fox

"Congratulations to Oregon State and their staff. They did something that probably hasn't been done in history, lose the first game and then win it all. Their team and their staff did a great job. They're a tough group of kids. Obviously I'm disappointed for us to get this close and not win it. We had the opportunities, to get big hits and scored some runs. It just wasn't meant to be."

"I'm very proud of this team. They are a great bunch of kids. I told them to just enjoy it and play like they did when they were kids. We did a lot for our program this year and did it right, with good student-athletes and great families. We've had a wonderful ride, and the kids are the ones who really just dragged me along."

On the steal attempt of home
"We just took a gamble. We should have done it the pitch before. It was some crazy baseball. It was me and Josh (Horton) making that play. I just told him to duck his head and say a prayer. I thought we had it. I'm just glad that he wasn't hurt; that's more important than anything."

On the first visit to the mound in the 8th inning
"Daniel [Bard] did a terrific job. Everyone saw why people speak so highly of him. We decided to just throw fast balls after the fourth inning. I thought he was throwing well and I hadn't made any decision when I made that visit. He threw some key pitches and then we went to Andrew [Miller]. We decided to challenge then with fast balls inside. I have a lot of confidence in Daniel and that's why I kept him in the game."

On Bryan Steed
"Daniel is one of the finest young men you'll ever meet. We wouldn't be up here right now if it weren't for him. It's never about one player; it's about a team. I'm as much to blame as anybody. We should have bunted earlier and I made a few management errors. I'm not going to let anyone put any of this on one player. We win and lose as a team."

On Jonathan Hovis
"He typifies our entire season. He's the only senior and I've been blessed with that type of kid. He's one of the greatest young men I have ever met. I can't talk too much about him or I'll lose it. But it's all about relationships, what's inside and the type of person you are. I couldn't be prouder of them. We're going to hold our heads high. We had fun and it's just a game. The last 14 days have been like a fairytale. The people from Omaha, our host family, everyone has been terrific. No wonder everyone wants to come back. It makes you want to work just that much harder to make it back here."

Catcher Tim Federowicz

On the feeling among the hitters before they scored the first run
"We were confident that we could get the players on base. We knew if we got them on, one swing of the bat would score runs. Once we saw that we could hit the pitches, we stayed confident and never let up."

Pitcher Daniel Bard

On playing for Coach Fox
"He lets you know what to expect. We have a young team and played young players on the field. He lays it out there for you. He's a competitor and that's what has kept us going."

(on his groove in the 8th inning): "After the fourth inning, I threw 100% fast balls. The coaching staff and I had talked about it. The slider was off and the change up wasn't working. I just carried the groove through to the next few innings."

Second Baseman Bryan Steed

On his throw to first
"The runner was a pinch hitter. I just got rid of the ball too quick and the ball went up the line. I just didn't make the play."

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