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Roger Heinz from Tallahassee (FL) North Florida Christian, committed to the University of North Carolina on June 28, 2002. Mark Ellington sat down with Heinz to discuss his commitment, Chapel Hill, Florida State and Nick Cangelosi.

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Roger Heinz from Tallahassee (FL) North Florida Christian, committed to the University of North Carolina on June 28, 2002. Heinz passed for over 2,200 yards and 28 touchdowns as a junior, while throwing only 7 interceptions. With his college decision out of the way, he plans to focus on an even bigger senior year. "For my personal goals, I'd like to throw for 3,000 yards, 35 touchdowns, and have less than 8 interceptions," said Heinz.

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Inside Carolina: Thank you for talking with us Roger. I understand that you committed to UNC a couple of weeks ago?
Roger Heinz: Yes, that is correct.

IC: You probably know that Nick Cangelosi has also committed to UNC. Has that changed your commitment status or how you feel about Carolina?
Heinz: Not at all. When I was in Chapel Hill last month, I sat down with Coach Bunting and he told me that Carolina was going to take two quarterbacks, so I was expecting them to get another. I look forward to competing.

IC: Did you appreciate Coach Bunting being upfront with you about how many QBs he was going to take?
Heinz: Yes, his honesty is something I really like about him.

IC: Tell us about your visit to Chapel Hill.
Heinz: It was great, just incredible. I fell in love with the place. I remember walking down Franklin Street and talking to people that I did not even know and asking them how they liked North Carolina. They all said that I would have a great time going to school there. I just love the area with the rolling hills.

IC: What did you think of the facilities there?
Heinz: I gave myself a tour of the weightroom and the locker room. It was all very nice. Ran into the strength and conditioning coach and he seems like the type of person that can really build my body up.

IC: Are you participating in summer workouts at your high school?
Heinz: Yes, I have since June. We can lift at 7am or 4pm. We also run as a team and participate in some passing drills.

IC: What was the response of the UNC staff when you told them that you wanted to commit?
Heinz: I was a little surprised because I expected a different response. I called Coach Brewer first and he was really excited. I talked to Coach Tranquill and he was out fly fishing out the time. He was really enthusiastic too and that surprised me as well. I didn't think he would be that happy about it. Finally, I called Coach Bunting while he was on vacation and he showed the same kind of enthusiasm that the other two did. That made me feel really good about my decision.

IC: Do you feel like you are part of the Carolina family?
Heinz: Yes, in fact all three of them said "Welcome to the family."

IC: Were you a little concerned about the distance from home when you were thinking about Carolina?
Heinz: No, not at all.

IC: Were your parents happy about your choice?
Heinz: Yes, they were very happy about my choice. They knew what a great academic choice Carolina was. They did some research into Carolina and felt like it would be a good fit for me.

IC: Did they come up to camp with you?
Heinz: No, one of my assistant coaches came up with me.

IC: Have you seen UNC play?
Heinz: Many times. I have always liked watching North Carolina play. I saw them play against FSU many times as well as other games like Oklahoma.

IC: Do you plan to come to watch a game this fall?
Heinz: I hope to come up for a couple of games. It's a little difficult because we play on Friday nights but I would like to come up for the Texas game.

IC: Did you consider trying to go there?
Heinz: With my brother on the team I had some inside information as to their quarterback situation. I know that they already have 6 quarterbacks on their roster and they are all underclassmen. I eliminated them pretty early in the process.

IC: How are you spending your summer?
Heinz: Mainly working to earn some money. I have a girlfriend and we like to go out to eat. I also am working out with the football team.

IC: Thanks for talking with us Roger and will talk again soon.

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