Vaughn Turning It On at Nike

INDIANAPOLIS -- Julian Vaughn is off to a great start at the Nike All-American Camp. The 6-8, 230-pound rising senior power forward looked healed from his injuries and played impressive, aggressive basketball against the top players in the country

Due to an ankle injury, Vaughn was unable to play in front of coaches in the April open period. And he said the injury was more serious than he at first realized.

"It took a little longer than I thought it would," Vaughn said. "I twisted it and it broke across the bone so it was hard to put pressure on it."

Vaughn's first big event back was the Tournament of Champions, playing with D.C. Assault. While he said his performance wasn't up to his own standards at the TOC, he has been pleased with his effort here at Nike Camp.

"You can always improve but you're not going to play well every day," Vaughn said. "I just try to help my teammates and not get angry if I don't get the ball. These camps are so guard dominated I don't try and get into that. If they shoot I just try and get the rebound."

The future Oak Hill player got up and down the floor with ease and went to work on the blocks when he got a touch. His post moves continue to improve, which is something he's been working hard on, and he was crafty when the ball was in his hands.

"I'm trying to get more post moves and better fundamentals, my ball handling and my running. I'm trying to get in better shape. I've been running two miles every day trying to get in shape. I'm trying to get my legs back."

On the recruiting front, Vaughn mentioned that he likes North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Washington, Kentucky, Virginia and Kansas. However, his recruiting situation has been a weird one due to coaching and personnel changes.

"I was trying to make it before school starts," Vaughn said. "But every time I want to commit and it looks good then someone else commits or someone leaves. Like NC State was one of my top three but then Coach Sendek left. So I don't want to go there anymore."

North Carolina has been high on Vaughn's list for quite some time and he said that he appreciates Carolina's recruiting efforts during the season -- adding that he has been in constant contact with the UNC staff, though has yet to earn a Tar Heel offer.

Vaughn said his decision is going to come down to how comfortable he is with the programs recruiting him. He's already taken many unofficial visits, but that might not be enough to make a decision as he could take some official visits during the school year.

"If I don't (decide) before August I'm going to take [official visits] before the season starts," he said.

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