Roe: '[UNC] Offered Me'

Shoe camps are often a time for college coaches to evaluate and prioritize which prospects they want to target. At the Nike Camp, the Tar Heel staff decided that Delvon Roe is a player that they want to pursue.

North Carolina was on hand to watch the 6-8, 220-pound forward from Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward at the Nike All-American Camp last week, and after watching him play against the nation's best, they made him one of their top rising junior targets.

"They text messaged me a couple of times," Roe said of the UNC coaches. "And they told me how I played at Nike All-American Camp answered all of their questions and they said they offered me a full scholarship to play at North Carolina."

"They text messaged me and told me that I was their guy and that they wanted me," he continued. "They want to get me down there very soon."

During camp Roe said that his top schools were Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, Ohio State, Miami and North Carolina. However, after camp he received a bunch of new calls so he is going to have to re-evaluate his list.

"It got real crazy," he said. "The next day I got a lot of calls. I got a lot of text messages from Georgia Tech and UNC. I talked to Ohio State a lot. After that I got about 10 calls from all those schools afterwards telling me how good I played and how my jump shot has improved."

He said Texas, Duke and Florida also heavily recruited him after Nike Camp. Texas also had a question for him.

"Texas offered and they wanted to know if they had a shot of me going there," Roe said. "I said yeah, because they are really good. I'm going to give them a shot, too, and try and visit them when I'm close."

Roe, who attends the same high school as former Tar Heel Jawad Williams, plans to finish the summer playing for the King James Shooting Stars. He'll play in the Triple "S" Harley Davidson Jamfest and then will head to Las Vegas to play in the Main Event. After he's done playing AAU ball he's going to shorten his list and start visiting schools.

"I'm going to try and narrow it down. I'm going to have to sit down with my high school coach and my parents and we are gong to have to narrow this down before it gets out of hand. Because the only thing we are doing is wasting peoples' time that I'm really not interested in so it's better to let them know as soon as possible."

Expert Scouting Report
by Eric Bossi

The 6-7 (in his bare feet) southpaw from Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward was easily one of the most impressive players at the Nike Camp. Actually, the rising junior played so well that he is going to push for the national top 10 in the class of 2008. Relatively slender, but with good strength, Roe has the type of body that allows him to play both inside -- where he's at his best at this point -- and outside -- where he'll spend more time as he gets older -- with relative ease. Because of his complete game it's easy to see why pretty much every big time program in the country, including UNC, is starting to prioritize him.

A good rebounder, springy enough athlete and hard worker, Roe prefers to start off by getting a few back to the basket hoops off the left block. From there he'll move to the other side and surprises with his ability to score turning to either shoulder. What makes him so dangerous is how quickly he can score and the certainty with which he makes his decisions. As soon as he has it rolling he'll test the perimeter waters by hoisting a few mid range Js to see if they are dropping. When they are going in, he'll step it out further and become a threat from three point land. If they don't drop, he'll look to drive by slower big men -- he especially likes to shot fake and take two hard dribbles right or left to pull-up for elbow jumpers -- but he currently lacks the handles to consistently beat other three men. He's obviously been coached very well and just needs to continue to improve.

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