Chavis On Verge of Commitment

North Carolina lean Miguel Chavis was among the plethora of talented prospects attending the Tar Heels' rising senior camp this past weekend. While in Chapel Hill, Chavis displayed his ability and furthered his relationship with the coaching staff.

"It went very well, it really did," said Chavis. "I got to show my speed, my strength, and technique to all the coaches. I got to talk to all the coaches there and touching base – that's what it's all about, developing relations."

Chavis, a 6-foot-4 250-pound jumbo athlete, already possessed a UNC scholarship offer, but during camp increased his stock with his performance working out with the defensive ends.

"Coach [Danny] Pearman and Coach [Kenny] Browning, they just basically said ‘We want you here, we know we want to coach you. It's time for you to commit,' basically," said Chavis.

With the ball in his court, Chavis wants to talk things over with his brother and parents and then make a verbal commitment before the start of his senior season.

"Right now, it's just V-Tech and Carolina, and most likely I'm going to commit to Carolina," said Chavis. "I want to commit before the first game of the season."

His father, Al Chavis, knows his personal pick.

"I like Carolina, I like that shade of blue, I just love the school," said Al Chavis. "I think that's where he'll end up."

While Chavis likes many aspects of North Carolina, the one thing that stands out for him is "the people."

"The people, really – the people are real," said Chavis. "The coaches are great – the coaches are real.

"My family is close, everybody is an hour away. I was raised in Carolina – I'll be a Carolina boy playing at Carolina. Wake Forest, V-Tech, and Clemson showed me a lot of love, but I'm a Carolina boy."

Saturday afternoon, Chavis exited the camp during the first session. Before leaving, he and his brother, Aaron, had a meeting with coach John Bunting in his office.

"He just said, ‘This is where I want you to be," said Chavis. "You're looking good Miguel.' He shook my hand and said ‘We need you here. The earlier we can do this it will be best for both of us.'

"My brother was real impressed with Bunting. Bunting is a great guy and a great coach."

With the recent addition of Virginia Tech, Chavis holds three scholarship offers – UNC and Wake Forest being the other two.

As a junior at Fayetteville (N.C.) Sanford, Chavis starred at linebacker where he was named to the All-Conference team for the second straight year.

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