Byers Attends Second Camp

To prove to defensive coordinator/secondary coach Marvin Sanders what he's capable of when healthy, Justin Byers camped at North Carolina for the second time this summer. The 6-foot, 175-pound cornerback attended the Friday session of the Tar Heels' July 14-15 individual rising senior camp.

"Basically, I just wanted to show that I'm healthy and when I have my hip right the difference," said Byers. "Last time I went up, my hip was killing me. And now, it barely hurts – I'm almost 100-percent."

Byers, a product of Charlotte (N.C.) Vance, was actually extended a special invitation to re-camp at North Carolina by his primary recruiter, Dave Brock.

"Coach Brock wrote me and said he and Coach Sanders really wanted me to come back up for camp," said Byers. "Coach Brock said he knew what I can do, it was just the fact of me showing Coach Sanders."

Attending the second camp proved to be beneficial for Byers.

"I think I did a lot better than I did the first time," said Byers. "I felt a lot more comfortable around Coach Sanders. I felt my movement wasn't so restricted – even during the one-on-one [passing drills]."

While Byers didn't leave Chapel Hill with a scholarship offer, Sanders informed Byers that "there was a good chance" of an offer because of his improvement.

"I worked out with him one-on-one after the camp," said Byers. "It was fun. We did a lot of hard drills. He told me what I needed to improve on and things that he liked about me.

"He said the first time he saw things he did like and things he didn't like. And the second time I came up, the things he didn't like, he didn't see anymore. He said that shows him that after camp, I went back to my school and I worked hard to improve my techniques. He said that if I can improve that much in that little amount of time, it shows him a lot."

Currently, Byers denies having any true favorites, but says N.C. State is the only school he's really looking at because they are the only school to have offered.

In addition to attending UNC's camp twice, Byers has camped at Virginia Tech, Georgia, and Georgia Tech.

As a junior, Byers shared a secondary with Virginia signee Rico Bell, but was still able to total 75 tackles, and three interceptions. On offense he caught four passes for 146 yards and two touchdowns, and added two more scores on punt returns.

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