Reed Silencing Doubters

LAS VEGAS --- If there is anybody left out there who might have questioned Tyrel Reed's ability to play at a high level, they have been silenced. His KC Pump ‘N Run team was knocked out a bit earlier than expected at the Super 64, but it wasn't before Reed served notice that he's one of the top point guards in the class of 2007.

With guys like Roy Williams, Paul Hewitt, Mike Anderson, Bill Self, Skip Prosser, Jeff Capel, Trent Johnson and more bringing along assistants each time they watch him play, the evaluation process is over. It's just a matter of high level coaches wanting to make sure Reed sees that they are watching.

"I try not to look, I know that there's quite a few people over there," said Reed. "I just try to focus on playing and not on who is watching."

With that kind of firepower showing up to watch him play, the question is whether or not Reed is starting to entertain any new suitors. So far, it has remained the status quo.

"It's pretty much the same, there's been a couple of schools jump in," Reed told Inside Carolina. "Pretty much the main ones I'm sticking to right now."

Of course the question on the mind of North Carolina fans is: Will the Tar Heels offer? It is becoming pretty clear that they would definitely like to have him. The problem is there is only one available scholarship right now and that appears targeted for a post player.

For now, though, Reed isn't worrying about it and he's going to continue to list North Carolina and still plans on making a visit -- probably in October.

"We still talk and I'm going to try and make a visit out there in the fall," said Reed. "It's just going to be whatever school is the best fit."

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