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"(Don) McCauley is one of the great running backs ever in college football, but he is often overlooked."
McCauley finally earns recognition he deserves
The Chapel Hill (NC) News

"The following are UNC alumni picked for the Atlantic Coast Conference's 50th anniversary football team."
UNC's contributions to ACC's Top 50 Football
The Chapel Hill (NC) News

"On Tuesday at the ACC Football Kickoff, Swofford offered his views on such topics as public disgruntlement with the BCS system, his lack of interest in becoming president of the NCAA, academic reform and the "arms race" among college sports programs."
Swofford says BCS still best
The Raleigh (NC) News and Observer

"Lawrence Taylor misses the cut. Sure, he owns two Super Bowl rings and resides in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And yes, he remains the most feared and destructive outside linebacker in history."
L.T. doesn't make the grade as one of 10 best
The Daily Press (VA)

"Jackson said that he watched the game tape of North Carolina's 41-9 win over FSU no less than 50 times. While most coaches and player insist that they take their opponents "one game at a time," Jackson says he can't wait until the Seminoles' homecoming game with the Tar Heels on Nov. 16."
Seminoles promise payback for 2001 losses
The Chapel Hill (NC) News

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