Friday: John Bunting - Quotes, Audio, Video

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina kicked off its 2007 preseason training camp on Friday. Listen to, and read, what sixth-year head coach John Bunting had to say to reporters immediately following practice...

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(joined in progress) "...I was like a kid in a candy store looking at some of the freshmen. Jermaine Strong has put himself in position to compete for time, and I think he will."

On Deunta Williams' knee -
"I think he came back from practice with a little tendonitis around his knee."

On Connor Barth -
"Connor's determined to come back and play the way he's capable of. Last year I think his best kicks were probably on the practice field. We've got to get his practice kicks over here on the game field."

On the one-inch tee this season -
"It should make the difference in the length of the kick. I think the guys who can really pound it could pound it out of the end zone with a two-inch tee. Now it kind of evens the playing field for all the kickers."

On Kentwan Balmer -
"We're moving him inside right now. I don't know if it's for good, but certainly for right now. That's where we need him. As training camp progresses, maybe we get him a few reps outside also."

On what's important when assessing quarterbacks -
"No. 1, it's making good decisions. No. 2 is taking care of the football. No. 3, managing the team."

On Cam Thomas -
"He's got a heck of a future, because he's got a heck of an attitude. He's very strong naturally. He's worked very hard to get his weight to where it needs to be. I think that will improve his stamina. When he first came in here as a freshman, I thought he was going to leave after about two days. But he sucked it up, and now he's ready to go."

On making a two-quarterback system work -
"If one guy separates from the other, so be it. But I'm not going to worry and lose any sleep over it right now. I want to see them both compete. I think they both have tremendous athleticism. I think they're both competitive. They're both very, very bright. We've got to see who completes the most balls, who manages the team the best, and who takes care of the ball. Again, we've had a two-quarterback system around here before; we're not afraid to do it. Sure, we'd rather have one, but they both have attributes to help you win football games. What we don't want is a quarterback to lose a ballgame."

On the difference between the two -
"Cam [Sexton] is a little bit more of a natural downfield thrower, and then Joe [Dailey] is a little bit more of a natural runner."

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