Media Day: Cam Sexton Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Cam Sexton is vying for North Carolina's starting quarterback position this fall. Read and listen to what he had to say in his first official meeting with reporters...

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What did you learn by watching last year?
"You learn a lot by game watching when you're completely away from it. I didn't understand the offense that well, because I wasn't practicing. But you learn more of how they prepare for the games, how the game operates and how to take care of your body. That's where I really learned the most."

What makes you think two quarterbacks will work?
"The thing that makes me think it will make it work is we have different attributes – he might be a little better runner, and I might be a little better thrower. If we can mix that in, I can see that working. But then again, the two negatives of it obviously are getting into the rhythm of the game; and being able for Coach [Frank] Cignetti to call a game for both of us, that could be where we would run into a roadblock."

On golf and baseball
"I started playing golf when I was about five or six and baseball shortly thereafter. I was a centerfielder and a shortstop (in baseball). In the spring and summer, I try to get in some (golf). I play a little bit at Chapel Hill Country Club and a little bit at Hillandale. My handicap is seven."

Does golf translate to the football field?
"Absolutely not; no way. I guess maybe the mental aspect of it – not to crack under pressure – would be the one aspect from golf."

Do you need to add some weight?
"Absolutely; I'm about 190-191 right now. I'll lose some in camp, and I'll continue to work on that in the fall."

Does it seem like a long time since you've played?
"I can't remember the last game I've played in. It has been a while. I don't even remember what it's like to be sore afterwards. That will all be new to me."

It will be nice to get all that back?
"Absolutely; I just want to get out and compete."

On your last play before your injury
"March 28th; it's a big rumor that I ran into the hedges. But I never hit the hedges. The grass was kind of wet. I was moving pretty quick. I saw the hedges and tried to stop. Somehow, I caught (my ankle) and snapped it – awful day; awful day."

Was there any solace you went out having scored a touchdown in a scrimmage?
"None. None. But it ended up being a blessing in disguise because I got a redshirt, which I wanted any way. Being able to redshirt and with [Matt] Baker leaving, it couldn't have open up much nicer."

It has opened up nicely for you, hasn't it?
"It has. I really has."

How many yards out was that run?
"Thirty, maybe 40 yards."

You just put on the brakes?
"I put on the brakes, but I never hit the hedges. I never hit the hedges."

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