Shammond arrives in Boston

From this morning's Boston Globe ...

""Me and Mr. Wallace [Celtics general manager Chris] talked [Monday] and he told me that they're looking for me to compete to be the starting point guard. I look upon it as just coming here and playing the basketball that I'm capable of playing, not trying to tweak the team so I can shine, but to make the team become a better basketball team with me being on the floor. I've played with a lot of great players in my lifetime, and I've distributed the basketball to a lot of great players. I don't think that's the tough part. The tough part is I am a young guy and I haven't really been a consistent starter in the NBA. Maturing and learning are going to be the most important things for myself.""

LINK: Williams pointing toward starting role

(note to Shira Springer - last we checked, Greenville was in S.C., not N.C.)

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