Super Showcase: Horton scoring, dishing in Orlando

ORLANDO -- Jason Horton stepped up, but Ndudi Ebi was even better. Horton's Team Texas squad was eliminated in bracket play on Wednesday night by Ebi's Houston Hoops, 81-74.

Horton and his teammates had a day to rest on Thursday before getting ready to begin the AAU Nationals tomorrow.

"It was a tough game," said Darryl Horton said, Jason's father and also the Team Texas coach. "Late in the game the ball just didn't bounce our way. Ebi knocked Jason loose for the ball and hit a 3-pointer and that was a big momentum changer."

"Jason played well in this tournament and we depend on him to do a lot – to make the other guys better," added Horton. "When we came back in the game against Houston, I thought he dominated the pace of the game."

The elder Horton was right. Not only did Jason make things easier for his teammates, he also picked the right spots to score. He finished with 17 points and 12 assists.

Horton was more aggressive with his scoring than he's been recently. After a sub-par first game in Orlando, he rebounded for 15 points and 11 assists in a win over a Georgia team. He was consistently knocking down shots from the perimeter and taking the ball strong to the basket for the remainder of the tournament.

"Lately, I've been shooting more," he said. "I'm still trying to get everyone involved, but in big games, we struggle when I don't step up and score more."

Horton still hasn't made much progress as far as making a college decision is concerned. In fact, he's added Missouri to his list of four – which includes Arizona, North Carolina, Texas and Michigan.

On Texas: "It's close to home so my family can come see me play. It's also a chance to come right in and play right away.

On Michigan: "There are ups and downs to me playing with my brother (Daniel). We've always played together so I think we can play with each other even though we play the same position."

On UNC: "I like the tradition and the coaching staff. The season last year doesn't matter to me. I know they'll pick it up."

On Arizona: "I like the style of play and coach Olson. They send a ton of point guards to the NBA."

On Missouri: "I like them a lot, especially coach (Quinn) Snyder. He learned under Coach K so he knows a lot about the game."

Texas, Michigan and Missouri have offered scholarships according to Coach Horton, while Arizona and North Carolina have not.

"I don't believe they've offered yet, but they've said ‘we'd love to have him at Carolina,'" the father/coach explained.

"I haven't talked to them in three weeks," he added, as the contact period has prevented phone calls, "but they have been there watching."

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