Wednesday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina began two-a-days on Wednesday and UNC coach John Bunting spoke to reporters immediately following the morning practice session. Read and listen to what he had say...

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AUDIO (11:23)

Opening comments -

"It's our first day of two-a-days and we had some nice, nice weather -- I'm not sure if practice was nice. We've had great practices up until this morning, it was a little lackluster, a little disappointing, but I think they'll bounce back."

On juggling the defensive backfield -

"For us, that's probably the deepest position on the team when you include the freshmen. But when you lose a guy like Trimane Goddard, who has such great qualities on and off the field, you're losing something special.

"We're going to ask a couple freshmen to step up their pace, we're going to ask Cooter Arnold to step up his pace and we're going to hope D.J. Walker will stay healthy so he can help us."

On moving Cooter Arnold from running back to safety in the spring -

"We talked about that a great deal. ... That was something we had our mind made up on. He's too good of a football player to play 10, 12 snaps a game. He doesn't need to be in a rotation, he needs to be out there on the field in some type of grouping, be it in nickel defense or in this case now he's fighting for a starting job."

On dealing with injuries -

"Each and every week there are going to be some problems relative to injuries, that goes without saying. Any time you're involved with football that happens. The deeper your team is, the better off you're going to be."

On players providing leadership -

"Mostly, it's going to come from seniors and we've talked about that all through spring. I've driven that point every single day to the players and I think there's been a great response in the summer and from what I've seen so far in practice from the seniors. If the underclassmen would just follow their lead, we'll have good leadership.

"There are great numbers [of leaders], more than I've ever had before ... We've never had more than two or three guys. Last year was Matt Baker and Tommy Richardson. This year we've got a lot of guys - Larry Edwards, Jesse Holley, Jon Hamlett, Kareen Taylor, D.J. Walker, Shelton Bynum, it just goes on and on, Victor Worsley, Jacoby Watkins, the list goes on, it never stops. We have numbers."

On the early schedule -

"I think being at home is great for us - three straight home games [to start the season], you can't ask for the schedule to set up better than that."

On the kicking game -

"Right now David Wooldridge is the holder for Connor Barth. Ryan Baucum is the No. 2 guy and we'll probably try to find a third. Trimane would have been our second guy, but now we look for Ryan to be our second.

"I think Connor and David Wooldridge are off to great starts. John Choate is kicking the ball well, and Lane Clemmons is kicking it better than he ever has. So the specialists themselves, those two phases look good. The snapping situation, there's some competition there. Trevor Stuart, [freshman] from Texas, Michael Murphy who did the short snap last year, and we have a couple other guys competing for that long snap position. That'll go down to the wire. We're filming it, we're watching it, we're studying it every single day. As far as the rest of the special teams go, we should be the best we've been since I've been here because we have more speed out there on the field and they have a great coach."

On Richard Quinn's performance in practice thus far -

"I think he's had a good start, I expect Richard to really have a breakthrough year, too. We put him in as a true freshman last year, that's hard. You either sink or swim and he probably sunk a few times and swam a couple times. Now it's time to stay above water all season and it starts with camp."

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